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2018 | In Focus | May 2018Quality Foods with a Sense of CommunityWest Central Foodservice

2018 | In Focus | May 2018

Quality Foods with a Sense of Community

West Central Foodservice

Wholesale food distribution company West Central Foodservice deals in top quality products and caters to boutique restaurants and hotels. One year shy of its fiftieth anniversary, the company is a model for good growth via a socially conscious business plan, and the company plans to continue growth organically. We spoke with President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Dodo and Vice President of Corporate Communications Tracie May-Wagner.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018At the Forefront of a Growing IndustryEuflora

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

At the Forefront of a Growing Industry


This is the third article Business in Focus has undertaken with the highly popular Colorado recreational dispensary. Euflora is a true example of how to flourish in a new industry. Cannabis and its by-products have now been legal since 2014 in Colorado, and infrastructure is improving, schools are being built, and affordable housing is on the rise. It is also important to note that crime rates have gone down, and the number of drunk driving charges has fallen. It sounds completely unlike the dystopian world naysayers had predicted.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018At the Forefront of Medical CannabisWeedMD

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

At the Forefront of Medical Cannabis


Canada’s cultural landscape is changing with the legalization of recreational marijuana. We will become one of the few countries in the world to legitimize this much-maligned plant, and if the experiments with legalization in the U.S. have taught us anything, it is that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Suffice it to say that this cash crop juggernaut will have positive implications.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018An Enterprising SpiritMorgan County EDC

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

An Enterprising Spirit

Morgan County EDC

Morgan County has the most diverse manufacturing economy and the second-oldest economic development corporation in the state of Colorado. The county’s EDC works to advance the economic prosperity of the region through workforce development and improved infrastructure. We spoke with Marketing Specialist Tyler Purvis, from the City of Brush; Economic Development Consultant Kari Linker, representing the town of Wiggins; and Morgan County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Executive Director Greg Thomason to find out more.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Wide Open SpacesSanpete County Economic Development

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Wide Open Spaces

Sanpete County Economic Development

Sanpete County, Utah was established in 1850 and is nestled between the Wasatch Plateau on its eastern side and the San Pitch Mountains to the west. This largely agricultural region is also known for being a popular travel and tourist destination. From snowmobiling to the Arapeen trail, rock climbing and golf courses, Sanpete has something for all tastes. We spoke with Sanpete County Economic Development Director Kevin Christensen about the area and its many attractions.

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusExplore MoreTown of Groton, CT

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Explore More

Town of Groton, CT

If you want to see a strong example of a town moving in the right direction, look no further than Groton, Connecticut. The region, which includes the historic village of Mystic, is expanding into other areas of growth in an attempt to become recession-proof. We spoke with Groton’s Economic Development Specialist, Sam Eisenbeiser and Manager of Economic and Community Development, Paige Bronk as well as Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board, Al Valente.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017A New Twist on a Classic ConceptWaxy's Modern Irish Bar

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

A New Twist on a Classic Concept

Waxy's Modern Irish Bar

Arguably, there are more Irish bars in North America than any other themed establishments. It is a staple of any town but particularly present in Massachusetts, where Waxy’s Modern Irish Bar is as authentic as it gets. The food, of course, includes Irish fare to go along with pub favorites, but there is so much more to Waxy’s. It is an Irish pub that strives to be a genuine representation of modern Ireland. Business in Focus spoke with Director of Marketing & Events Julie Doherty about this rapidly expanding concept.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Something for EveryonePanama City Mall

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Something for Everyone

Panama City Mall

Panama City, Florida is an idyllic place on St. Andrews Bay, along Route 98, with long stretches of white sandy beaches, amusement parks, and an old fishing town that caters to both locals and a large tourist population. Panama City Mall is the perfect complement to the city as it is the only enclosed shopping center for sixty-five miles.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017The Best in Sports NutritionReflex Supplements

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

The Best in Sports Nutrition

Reflex Supplements

Today, sports nutrition supplements are everywhere, but this was not always the case. Twenty-five years ago, this was an industry that only existed in concepts and ideas, with sparse offerings in drug stores. In 1994, Reflex Supplements, of Surrey, B.C., was born. It was one of the first supplement stores in Canada. From the onset, the company saw positive growth, and that continues to this day, as it is the fastest growing company of its kind in Canada.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Smart and Streamlined Logistics ServicesJavelin Logistics

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Smart and Streamlined Logistics Services

Javelin Logistics

Javelin Logistics is a third-party logistics provider based in Newark, California which performs specialized warehousing and inventory management, as well as local, regional and national transportation services. The evolution of this company truly began January 1, 2004 when our interviewee, President and Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Winspear, joined the firm and decided to take the company in a new direction. Growth was soon to follow.

2017 | In Focus | July 201760 Years of Engineering InnovationCHL Systems

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

60 Years of Engineering Innovation

CHL Systems

CHL Systems of Souderton, Pennsylvania has, for much of the past sixty years, catered to the food and general manufacturing industries. Today, it manufactures process automation equipment and provides services to industries that include snack foods and confectionery, food processing and packaging, meat handling and packaging, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, and manufacturing. We spoke with Chief Operating Officer Mike Giagnacova, Sales Manager Andy MacBride and Marketing Associate Jeff Bowman.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Above the CompetitionSky Climber Renewables

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Above the Competition

Sky Climber Renewables

Sky Climber Renewables began in 1955 as a manufacturer of suspended access equipment to get people up the exterior of buildings to perform services. The Sky Climber family of businesses serves many work-at-height industries in the industrial and commercial markets. We spoke with Vice President of Sales and Business Development Chad DiFranco and General Manager Tom Warchol to find out more.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Bring Solar HomeGrasshopper Solar

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Bring Solar Home

Grasshopper Solar

Last May, I spoke with Ontario’s largest solar provider, Grasshopper Solar of Mississauga. We discussed the residential market, the cost of solar and how the general public needs to be educated about the benefits of solar technologies. Now, we celebrate its tenth anniversary and look to President and Chief Executive Officer Azeem Qureshi for the latest developments in the solar industry and within the company itself.


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