April 2019

2019 | April 2019 | In FocusComputing at the Speed of LifeVelocity Micro

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Computing at the Speed of Life

Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computers with a wide range of custom products including gaming desktops, notebooks, professional workstations, and more. “We’re focused exclusively on the highest end of the personal computing space,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Copeland. “We take the best components, meticulously craft them, and support them right here in our Virginia facility for people who need an elevated computing experience.”

2019 | April 2019 | In FocusDreams Live DigitallySNA Displays

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Dreams Live Digitally

SNA Displays

SNA Displays is a prominent provider of turnkey interior and exterior LED digital video displays, including many found in Times Square. SNA Displays opened its offices in 2009 as the North American arm of Sansi Technology Co., established in 1993 and based in Shanghai, and remains one of the biggest LED manufacturers and an industry technology leader. Its displays can be seen in many major markets in the U.S.

2019 | April 2019 | In FocusSupporting the Paradigm Shift of the Energy Value ChainCWL Energy Management

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Supporting the Paradigm Shift of the Energy Value Chain

CWL Energy Management

CWL Energy Management Ltd. provides unique, customized energy development solutions to the oil, gas, power, infrastructure, and renewable energy sectors. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with offices in Grande Prairie, Alberta and Fort St. John, British Columbia, and satellite offices throughout western Canada, providing unique, customized energy solutions stemming from a project and asset management approach.

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

A History of Proven Expertise

Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT) is a global company that reaches Africa, Australia, South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Having such a wide spread and nearly thirty years of doing business around the world has given the company a high referral rate that sees new clients seeking out its expertise and quality. Not every client comes through these word of mouth channels. The company also boasts a productive outside sales team and a dedicated set of internal staff who take part in more creative marketing approaches.

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Toward a Greener Future


The way in which we view material headed for the landfill has certainly changed a lot in the last forty-eight years, and Ecowaste has been there to see these changes firsthand. By finishing and closing sections of the landfill, the company has been able to lease portions of land to other companies to bring a number of recovery and disposal techniques under its roof.

2019 | April 2019 | Business News | In FocusThe Plastic Straw that Broke the InternetReducing the Use of Single-Use Plastics

2019 | April 2019 | Business News | In Focus

The Plastic Straw that Broke the Internet

Reducing the Use of Single-Use Plastics

To say the invention of plastic revolutionized manufacturing is an understatement – it literally changed our lives forever. With its roots going back hundreds of years, the development of plastic is credited to English chemist Alexander Parkes and the discovery of Parkesine (nitrocellulose), considered to be the first man-made plastic. Tied in to the evolution of photography, celluloid plates became a lighter alternative to the heavy and fragile glass plates used to capture early images.


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