A Hidden GemCity of La Porte, Texas

A Hidden Gem

City of La Porte, Texas

The City of La Porte is a hidden treasure nestled along Galveston Bay. The slower pace of life in this friendly, tight-knit community feels light years away from nearby Houston. “You truly don’t realize you’re fifteen miles from downtown Houston, the fourth largest city in the nation,” says Assistant City Manager Matt Daeumer. “We’re a gem on Galveston Bay that people don’t know about. And we like it that way because it’s a quiet and comfortable place to live.”

An Industry for the Good of AllNational Hemp Association

An Industry for the Good of All

National Hemp Association

The National Hemp Association (NHA) is a non-profit organization that advocates for and educates all who have a collective interest in the strength and viability of the hemp industry in the United States, which now represents an impressive global market valued at $15 trillion and growing.

Sorting It Out – EuroSort Makes it Simple, Safe and AccurateEuroSort

Sorting It Out – EuroSort Makes it Simple, Safe and Accurate


Dedicated to building sorting equipment that promise industry-best levels of accuracy and precision, EuroSort boasts products with the smallest discharge space possible—up to 50 percent smaller than competing technologies—and a reputation for producing small, effective, dependable, and affordable machines that can operate continuously to produce exceptional outcomes.

Strengthening the Commercial Furniture Industry – Advocating for Innovation, Sustainability, & EducationBIFMA

Strengthening the Commercial Furniture Industry – Advocating for Innovation, Sustainability, & Education


Marking its fiftieth anniversary, not-for-profit BIFMA International—the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association—plans to kick off 2023 by celebrating the milestone at its annual 360 Leadership Conference at The Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island January 23-25. The conference is BIFMA’s signature event, bringing industry leaders together around current topics facing the industry.

Workforce ResetChasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

Workforce Reset

Chasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

What happens when growing demand meets shrinking workforce? This has been the reality for a number of sectors, including manufacturing – even in a pandemic. With the workforce largely approaching retirement, employers are under real pressure to find skilled workers in the face of unrelenting product demand.

Life Moves ForwardThe Biosciences Industry and the COVID-19 Crisis

Life Moves Forward

The Biosciences Industry and the COVID-19 Crisis

The life sciences industry has taken a remarkable journey over the last year. From rapid adaptation at the outset of the global pandemic to unprecedented vaccine advancements, the sector has been at the forefront of the fight. COVID-19 created new challenges—and opportunities—that will leave a lasting mark on the industry and continue to push it forward.

The Engines of RecoveryH.O. Wolding

The Engines of Recovery

H.O. Wolding

In a pandemic world, businesses and consumers alike moved to safe, reliable online delivery, and away from traditional shopping. With this added strain on supply chains, H.O. Wolding shows how the transportation industry can shoulder new demands.

A Growing Freight Company Giving Priority to Driver NeedsAyr Motor Express

A Growing Freight Company Giving Priority to Driver Needs

Ayr Motor Express

Ayr Motor Express is a Canadian long-haul carrier company providing high quality, cross border shipping services from terminals in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and drop yards throughout Canada and the United States. Using the most up to date technology and equipment, Ayr’s expert team of specialists provides transportation, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and expedited services throughout its operating territory.

An Ideal Location Full of Development OpportunitiesCity of Smyrna, GA

An Ideal Location Full of Development Opportunities

City of Smyrna, GA

Known as Jonquil City for the thousands of bright yellow flowers that bloom throughout the community every spring, Smyrna, Georgia boasts charming neighborhoods, a revitalized downtown, and 304 acres of park and green space. Some may remember Smyrna as the hometown of Julia Roberts, but the community deserves a place on the map for far more than Hollywood trivia.

Super SmartHow Tech-Driven is Your Office?

Super Smart

How Tech-Driven is Your Office?

Check out any high production science fiction movie and you can always tell that it’s set in the future – not because of how people are dressed or how they talk, but because of all those futuristic features that the buildings and spacecraft have.

WiredThe Internet of Things and the Connectivity of Modern Life


The Internet of Things and the Connectivity of Modern Life

Once viewed as the stuff of science fiction movies, ‘connected’ consumer goods have become ubiquitous. Using ‘smart devices,’ homeowners can remotely program their coffee makers and barbecues, download directions in the car and automate chores such as watering the garden. Smart gadgets connect via an online network known as the Internet of Things (IoT) to relay data and receive commands.

Safe TravelsTourism in the Pandemic Age

Safe Travels

Tourism in the Pandemic Age

Last fall, a couple decided to do a whale watching tour off tiny Brier Island in south-western Nova Scotia, Canada. The area is known for its bird watching, whales in the Bay of Fundy, and the occasional seal popping its head up to say hello. The couple wondered how crowded the fifty-foot boat might be and how close they would be to other passengers, bouncing over the waves.

Imagination Without LimitsSNA Displays

Imagination Without Limits

SNA Displays

Today, one of the world leaders in bringing digital dreams to life is New York City-based SNA Displays. Through the innovative use of LED display technology, the digital canvases designed and manufactured by SNA Displays are nothing less than spectacular.

The Warehouse Automation ExpertsABCO Systems

The Warehouse Automation Experts

ABCO Systems

ABCO Systems Inc. is a market authority in solutions for warehousing and distribution center automation. From the pre-design phase to construction and automation, the company delivers the best quality and service with more than three decades of experience in the field. From their headquarters in Belleville, New Jersey, the ABCO team serves customers across the United States, with a concentrated presence along the East and West coasts.

Family-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its Business

Hightowers Petroleum Company

Hightowers Petroleum Company (HPC) has successfully adapted to the challenges posed by COVID and shifting energy markets. Incorporated in 1984, this Middletown, Ohio-based, family-run gas and diesel wholesaler, profiled in the July 2019 issue of Business in Focus magazine, continues to be a leading African-American-owned fuel company, primarily serving the downstream petroleum sector.

Rural Development Gets a Boost in Finney CountyFinney County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC)

Rural Development Gets a Boost in Finney County

Finney County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC)

The county seat and largest city in Finney County, Kansas is Garden City. At a population of 32,000, it holds more than half of the county’s growing population of 40,000. Although the county has a fairly low number of residents, Garden City, in particular, covers a wide trade area. It brings in numerous customers from nearby regions including southwest Kansas, the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, and eastern Colorado. Its proximity to larger cities surrounding Finney County has made it a bit of a hub for urbanites looking to get away to a rural community with great retail and tourism opportunities.



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