April 2017

Reducing Emissions from City Transit Systems

Reducing Emissions from City Transit Systems

Nova Bus

The wheels on Electromobility by Nova Bus don’t just ‘go round and round’; with OPPCharge, they’re leading the way to a cleaner, greener future.
In response to increasing alarm over climate change created by greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the Province of Quebec, under the leadership of Premier Jean Charest in 2012 issued a Climate Change Action Plan (2013-2020). What it calls for is a search to find ways to reduce GHG by 30 percent by 2020 and by 37.5 percent by 2030, with a reduction of petroleum products by 40 percent in 2030. While there’s more than one factor contributing to climate change, studies cited on their website by the Société de transport de Montreal (STM) show that transportation in Quebec accounted for 43 percent of all GHG and 76 percent of all consumed petroleum products.

Canadian Tank Truck and Trailer Manufacturer on the Rebound

Canadian Tank Truck and Trailer Manufacturer on the Rebound

Advance Engineered Products

The Advance Engineered Products Group, based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, designs and manufactures tank trucks and trailers and also provides parts and service for this equipment. The company’s mission is simple: “we try to give our customers an edge,” says Doug Kee, vice-president of sales and marketing.
Advance’s equipment has hauled everything from crude oil to milk, chemicals and fuel for Air Force One – the aircraft that transports the U.S. President. Advance relies on high quality design, engineering and craftsmanship to produce tank trucks and trailers that are both light to save on fuel costs for drivers and tough. Advance tank trucks and trailers need to be able to endure brutal weather and road conditions in isolated oil fields and mines, not to mention routine wear and tear from constant highway travel.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Confronting Natural Disasters with Resiliency

How one outlines a natural disaster is open to interpretation, but the generally accepted meaning is that it is a catastrophic event that essentially cripples a community, so much so that outside resources are required in recovery efforts.
Canada is no stranger to natural disasters. One such example is the Newfoundland hurricane in 1775 that claimed 4,000 lives and sank over 1,000 fishing vessels. This natural disaster was one of Canada’s worst for the sheer number of fatalities.


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