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New Way Trucking
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

In just 20 years, Calgary-headquartered New Way Trucking has built a shining reputation for dependability, superior service, and meeting the most diverse transportation needs of all customers. A Canadian success story that started with a single truck and a dream, New Way has grown to a fleet of over 500 trucks operating from 14 terminals, sub-terminals, and the city of Chicago.

More than a simple trucking company, New Way provides clients with a number of services across the United States and Canada. These include Long Combination Vehicle (LCV), cross-docking and warehousing, yard shunting, single- and multi-temperature refrigerated, and heated and dry vans. And, through its subsidiary company, Link Intermodal Ltd., New Way extends to provide comprehensive logistics, intermodal transportation, and container storage/management services as well.

Link Intermodal
New Way launched its subsidiary Link Intermodal last year, offering customers a cost-effective solution for their storage needs. “We’ve enabled up to 70 percent savings for customers with this solution,” says Dilraj Brar, Director of Business Development. “We offer immediate pickup and drop-off service as well, providing customers with ease of access to their stored inventory when needed.”

Additionally, Link Intermodal has Reach Stackers with the ability to lift containers of all sizes and over 100 available containers. Its second container depot location, currently under construction in Calgary, will have even further increased container storage capacities.

New Way’s client base covers many sectors, from retail to mail/courier, fresh produce and foods, and general goods.

“We provide dedicated fleet solutions to our customers as per their needs,” comments Brar, “and we specialize in temperature-sensitive shipments with our new, well-maintained multi-temp units and trained drivers. We’re also a primary carrier serving the container drayage sector as well.”

Running on core values
To ensure customers enjoy the most efficient services, New Way continuously invests in the latest technology. Through these advanced solutions, clients are assured of the highest-quality shipment tracking and operational efficiencies available anywhere.

This commitment to customer service has been an integral part of New Way since it was founded in Calgary with a single truck by current CEO and CFO, Gurpreet Brar and Randhir Brar, in 2004. But the origins of New Way Trucking go farther back than that.

In 1993, company CEO and Founder Gurpreet Brar immigrated to Canada with his family with just $160 in his pocket. A passion for travelling saw Gurpreet become a professional trucker, driving across North America for over a decade and serving customers with honesty and dedication.

Gurpreet’s experience laid the foundation for what would become New Way Trucking. In 2006, Randhir Gurpreet’s younger brother joined the company as CFO and partner, bringing with him considerable expertise in finance.

“Under Gurpreet and Randhir’s leadership, New Way grew from one truck to a fleet of 500-plus trucks and is where it is today,” says Brar. “It was a proud, wholesome, and memorable moment in 2016 when New Way acquired its current Calgary head office terminal where Gurpreet first began his career as a truck driver in 1995.”

New Way has seen tremendous growth over the years, but its core values remain intact. Customer-driven excellence, organization and personal learning, valuing workforce members and partners, focus on the future, innovation, management by fact, focus on results, and creating value, integrity, and fairness are some of the most important core values New Way has maintained since day one.

A “Top Fleet Employer”
A great believer in Corporate Social Responsibility, New Way is dedicated to upholding an ethical and socially responsible business. This includes protecting people and the natural environment, supporting human rights, monitoring and reporting performance, and a commitment to sustainable development.

New Way’s reputation as a respected and caring company has seen the business honoured with several prestigious awards in recent years. These include the Top Fleet Employer award from Trucking HR Canada in 2023, and other Carrier of the Year awards and On-Time-Performance awards from many of its valued customers. “The Top Fleet Employer award from Trucking HR Canada recognizes our commitment to creating a positive workplace culture, investing in employee development and training, and maintaining high standards of HR practices,” says Brar.

“This award underscores our dedication to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive work environment for our team members,” he says. “Overall, these awards are a testament to New Way Trucking’s unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence in the transportation industry. We attribute our success to our dedicated team, innovative practices, and relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our operations.”

New Way Trucking values both professional skills and interpersonal qualities in its new hires. Professionally, the company seeks individuals with relevant transportation industry experience, such as knowledge of logistics and freight operations, along with strong organizational and problem-solving skills, essential for success in the company’s dynamic environment. Interpersonally, New Way looks for candidates with strong communication skills, ready to collaborate with diverse teams and build strong relationships with carriers and clients. “Adaptability, reliability, and a customer-centric mindset are valued traits in our team members,” says Brar.

New Way benefits
Working with New Way Trucking provides customers with many advantages that set the company apart in the transportation industry. These include reliable and timely deliveries, exceptional service, a diverse range of services, broad geographical coverage, a modern fleet and technology, and a commitment to sustainability.

On-time deliveries are prioritized by the company, and robust scheduling and routing processes are implemented to ensure timely shipments. With a comprehensive range of transportation services—FTL, LTL, expedited service, refrigerated service, LCV service, intermodal, drayage service, container storage, warehousing, and cross-docking or yard shunting—New Way has the capabilities to handle numerous and varied shipment requirements. And with its vast network of 14 terminals stretching coast to coast, the company helps customers with their logistics needs in any part of North America.

Along with exceptional, hassle-free customer service, the team at New Way is dedicated to safety and sustainability. All its vehicles are modern, scrupulously maintained, and feature the latest technology and safety features. This is a company imperative, ensuring the safety of cargo and drivers while optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

“By investing in eco-friendly practices and technologies, we offer customers the opportunity to partner with a socially responsible transportation provider,” says Brar. “We prioritize open and transparent communication with our customers, providing regular updates on shipment status and addressing any concerns promptly. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist customers at every step of the process.”

Taking technology to the limit
For New Way Trucking, reliability comes from decades of combined experience and technology.

Specialized software, GPS technology, and other advanced tools enable the company to optimize its operations, ensuring on-time deliveries. This commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements allows New Way to track shipments in real time, anticipate potential delays, and proactively address any issues that may arise.

According to Brar, “Our dedicated team of professionals is highly trained and experienced, enabling them to efficiently manage logistics, streamline processes, and prioritize customer satisfaction.”

Of course, employee and public safety are always a priority. To ensure safety on the roads, the company’s investment in cutting-edge technologies includes specialized software and advanced artificial intelligence-driven systems, like forward-facing and in-cab cameras coupled with AI to detect instances of distracted driving.

These systems immediately alert New Way’s 24/7 Safety Team, allowing for immediate intervention if necessary. “We make substantial investments to guarantee that our employees work in the safest possible environment,” observes Brar. “Our dedication to safety and optimized operations focused on customer satisfaction reinforces our reputation as a reliable transportation partner.”

Milestone on the road
With 20 years in business, the team at New Way Trucking reflects on its journey with gratitude and pride, grateful to its many loyal clients and dedicated team members and looking forward to the future with excitement.

To commemorate this milestone, the company is planning customer appreciation events, employee recognition programs, and community outreach activities along with launching exclusive promotions and offers to show appreciation to everyone who has supported the business over the past two decades.

Says Brar, “It’s a time of celebration, reflection, and renewed commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do.”



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