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Celebrating Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Canada’s two million Indigenous people—First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, who make up about five percent of the total population—are reclaiming their rightful place at the economic table, a place from which they were excluded for far too long.

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A Controversial Project Nears CompletionAt Look at Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown Light Rapid Transit Line

A Controversial Project Nears Completion

At Look at Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown Light Rapid Transit Line

On August 10 of this year, Phil Verster, CEO of Metrolinx, the regional transportation agency for the Ontario government, made a major announcement about Toronto’s long-delayed, multi-billion dollar Eglinton Crosstown Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system. Metrolinx, which is overseeing the troubled transit project along with another provincial agency, Infrastructure Ontario, could be in a position to announce an opening date in the near future, said Verster.

Sunny Days and Starry NightsCity of Flagstaff, Arizona

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

City of Flagstaff, Arizona

With 266 sunny days per year, thousands of nature trails, a top research university, and a thriving job market, Flagstaff, Arizona is an ideal place for work and play. The city’s elevation—6,903 feet—leads to relatively mild weather, so residents can enjoy the outdoors whatever the season.

Home Building to the Highest StandardsJeffery Homes

Home Building to the Highest Standards

Jeffery Homes

Over his years as one of Ontario’s premier home builders, Scott Jeffery has learned many things, particularly respect for customers and for the trades who work to ensure the Jeffery Homes brand maintains its sterling reputation. Jeffery and his team strive for better than the best—something the company has maintained for almost 60 years.

Affordable, Liveable Homes, From One Family to AnotherHuron Creek Developments

Affordable, Liveable Homes, From One Family to Another

Huron Creek Developments

Recognized as a leader in innovation in new home construction and neighbourhood growth, Huron Creek Developments has over 80 years of combined building expertise and has delivered more than 10,000 new homes to neighbourhoods over the past 20 years. In both its current and future communities, Huron Creek strives to give its homeowners outstanding value and a top-notch building experience.

Built for Real LifeCardel Homes

Built for Real Life

Cardel Homes

A home is a sacred place where individuals live their lives to the fullest, something that Cardel Homes is deeply aware of. For 50 years, this family-owned homebuilder has continually grown its capacity and thus, its impact, a testament to the homes it has built, the spaces it has created and the relationships it has formed in the many communities it serves across North America.

Wrapping Products in SustainabilitySonoco

Wrapping Products in Sustainability


For some companies, ‘sustainability’ is little more than a buzzword. For Sonoco, sustainable packaging, programs and services are integral to every part of the business, including packaging design, sourcing and end-of-life.

The Future of AutomationEdgewater Automation

The Future of Automation

Edgewater Automation

In a little over two decades, Edgewater Automation has grown into one of America’s premier designers and builders of factory automation systems. With competencies including automated systems for assembly, testing, inspection, data acquisition, and material handling, Edgewater serves clients across multiple markets. From automotive to electronics, consumer products to transportation, and life sciences to logistics, the experienced team at Edgewater Automation provides high-quality systems, service, and solutions to help all customers ensure success.

Taking Automation Integration to New LevelsRAMP, Inc.

Taking Automation Integration to New Levels

RAMP, Inc.

Specializing in custom automation design-build and equipment fabrication, RAMP, Inc. has turned itself into a veritable powerhouse of innovation, harnessing technology to fabricate next-generation manufacturing equipment and inspection and material handling systems for customers in industries like consumer goods, medical devices, transportation, and others around the globe. Recession-proof and self-sufficient to its core, this company is set to be around for many decades to come.

The Future Is BlueAlberta Well-Poised for a ‘Blue Hydrogen’ Breakthrough

The Future Is Blue

Alberta Well-Poised for a ‘Blue Hydrogen’ Breakthrough

On November 8, 2022, leaders from the federal and Alberta governments appeared at a press conference at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to sing the praises of hydrogen. A series of funding commitments were announced to support the construction of a $1.6 billion hydrogen production facility near Edmonton. The federal government provided $300 million in funding while Alberta plans to chip in $175 million, most of it from the Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program (APIP).

Providing Power for Over 75 YearsBoundary Electric

Providing Power for Over 75 Years

Boundary Electric

Boundary Electric of Grand Forks, British Columbia, has been designing and manufacturing electrical transmission equipment for over seventy-five years. The longevity of this family-run firm is due, in part, to its ability to recognize emerging markets that require huge supplies of electricity. In doing this, the company has become a leader in building electrical infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining and is closely monitoring developments in the nascent hydrogen energy sector.

This Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fleet Proves its WorthCatalyst Energy Services

This Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fleet Proves its Worth

Catalyst Energy Services

When Catalyst Energy Services was profiled in the September 2022 issue of Resource in Focus, the Texas-based company had just released its highly innovative Vortex Prime pumping system. Vortex Prime is designed to reduce costs, emissions, and maintenance during hydraulic fracturing operations to recover natural gas. Now, Catalyst has a case study with data that aptly demonstrates the merits of its cutting-edge pump solution.

Leading the WayArchrock

Leading the Way


Some businesses see themselves simply as suppliers of products or services, while others, like Archrock, are strategic partners. Working with customers every step of the way to improve productivity, Houston-based Archrock remains a powerhouse provider of natural gas contract compression services in the U.S.

An Ideal Place to Live and WorkTwin Cities Development Association

An Ideal Place to Live and Work

Twin Cities Development Association

Founded in 1985, Twin Cities Development (TCD) supports economic growth within Western Nebraska. The association is always eager to welcome new businesses and supports newcomers like family, TCD Executive Director Jordan Diedrich reports. This support includes connecting talent and industry, providing housing options, offering site selection assistance, and supporting economic development projects.


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