The Health of our Oceans

Balancing Economy and Environment

How can we find a balance between the economy and the protection of the marine environment when so many of our key industries—international trade and commerce, food production, and tourism—depend upon the ocean? This is the challenge for industries and nations around the world. Finding solutions is no easy task.

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New Name, Renewed FocusRecycled Materials Association (ReMA)

New Name, Renewed Focus

Recycled Materials Association (ReMA)

The organization now known as the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA) has built a rich history for itself and continues to innovate and reinvent both its own identity and that of the industry it represents. The origins go back over a century to the early 1900s and the two associations from which it sprang. The Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel (ISIS) and the National Association of Recycling Industries (NARI) merged in 1987 to form what was then known as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Made for the Real WorldQuality Components Company (QCC)

Made for the Real World

Quality Components Company (QCC)

Back in 1974, Quality Components Company (QCC) focused on repairing welding torches, regulators, and gas apparatus from other manufacturers. Known as Quality Repair at the time, the Mentor, Ohio-based business started in America’s famous ‘Rust Belt,’ a region known for its steelmaking and industrial manufacturing businesses.

The Leaders in American e-Waste Management4THBIN

The Leaders in American e-Waste Management


4THBIN may seem an unusual name for a business at first glance but, in proper context, the moniker is all too fitting. The name refers to the fourth bin of waste collection that is missing from the typical trio of garbage, paper, and metal waste bins that consumers are used to having in their homes. Electronics recycling—or e-recycling—represents that additional, fourth bin. The company itself was founded in 2009 by a technology consulting firm operating out of New York City.

Complete Door Opening SolutionsPalmer’s Security Solutions, LLC

Complete Door Opening Solutions

Palmer’s Security Solutions, LLC

Family-owned and operated, Palmer’s Security Solutions (PSS) distributes, manufactures, and installs a full range of high-security door systems, supporting the client throughout the entire process from pre-construction and logistics to operations and support. At PSS, innovation and customer service are always at the forefront, ensuring that clients receive door systems carefully engineered for top performance.

A Key Company in Security-Conscious TimesLockmasters, Inc.

A Key Company in Security-Conscious Times

Lockmasters, Inc.

Enabling security professionals to protect valuables has been the goal of Lockmasters, Inc., since 1955, and the company—now the leading supplier of mechanical and electronic safe locks and tools in the United States—distributes a diverse variety of physical security products to all types of security professionals nationwide.


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