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2021 | In Focus | June 2021 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentAn Ideal Location Full of Development OpportunitiesCity of Smyrna, GA

2021 | In Focus | June 2021 | Workforce & Economic Development

An Ideal Location Full of Development Opportunities

City of Smyrna, GA

Known as Jonquil City for the thousands of bright yellow flowers that bloom throughout the community every spring, Smyrna, Georgia boasts charming neighborhoods, a revitalized downtown, and 304 acres of park and green space. Some may remember Smyrna as the hometown of Julia Roberts, but the community deserves a place on the map for far more than Hollywood trivia.

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentWelcome to the FamilyCity of Auburn, AL

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic Development

Welcome to the Family

City of Auburn, AL

A walk down Auburn’s main thoroughfare is a nostalgic stroll back in time, to when families stopped at the corner drugstore’s soda fountain and neighbors knew each other’s names. Today, locals still enjoy camaraderie and cold drinks at Toomer’s Drugs, which set up shop on the corner of Magnolia Avenue in 1896. Located across the street from Auburn University, the beloved landmark is also a favorite with students, who are welcomed as part of the community during the school year. It is this mix of small-town charm, southern hospitality, and student culture that creates a thriving local scene for both young and old to enjoy.

2020 | In Focus | July 2020Industry InnovatorsEisenmann

2020 | In Focus | July 2020

Industry Innovators


Eisenmann creates market-leading systems for surface finishing, air pollution control, process and high-temperature technologies, and anaerobic digestion. Headquartered in Germany, the company opened a branch in the United States in 1977 and has been active in America ever since.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Founded on Customer ServiceWOW! mobile boutique™

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Founded on Customer Service

WOW! mobile boutique™

When I caught up with Michael Cioffi, Director of People and Culture for WOW! mobile boutique™, he had just touched down in Cancun to set up a work retreat to reward the company’s most dedicated employees. “We are recognizing our top 50 associates across the country, taking them to an all-inclusive resort, wining and dining them, and thanking them for their contribution,” he said.

2016 | In Focus | November 2016A Pro-Business CommunityChippewa County, Wisconsin

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

A Pro-Business Community

Chippewa County, Wisconsin

Chippewa County, Wisconsin is known for its positive business climate. “We have a stable history of growth and pro-business environment,” says Charlie Walker, President/CEO of The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation. The EDC is committed to continuing this legacy of business success. “The economic development organization leads the state and we have won many awards in recognition of our innovative programs. We are proud of that.”

2016 | In Focus | November 2016The Intersection of Livability and OpportunityOconto County, WI

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

The Intersection of Livability and Opportunity

Oconto County, WI

In the November 2015 issue of Business in Focus, we spoke with Paul Ehrfurth, Oconto County Economic Development Corporation’s executive director. He talked of the area’s tourist and recreational opportunities, its proximity to Green Bay, Wisconsin and of the multiple economic efforts underway. Now, we are back with Mr. Ehrfurth to concentrate more on economic development and to follow up on some of the initiatives that were in place last November.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Leader in Water and Wastewater ServicesAlliance Water Resources

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Leader in Water and Wastewater Services

Alliance Water Resources

Founded more than 25 years ago, Alliance Water Resources consistently ranks as a leading water and wastewater services provider in Missouri and surrounding areas. The Columbia, Missouri-based business offers contract management and contract operations to a variety of clients including municipalities, manufacturers, correctional centers, colleges and universities, resorts, and other commercial sectors.


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