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Ingenuity and Service Across the PacificHawaiian Crane & Rigging Ltd.

Ingenuity and Service Across the Pacific

Hawaiian Crane & Rigging Ltd.

Construction in continental environments is difficult enough, but constructing on islands brings a new level of logistical challenges. In the world of the Pacific Rim, Hawaiian Crane & Rigging has demonstrated superior construction acumen since 1965, with heavy construction equipment across the Aloha State and all across the Pacific.

Celebrating 25 YearsMuñoz Trucking, Inc.

Celebrating 25 Years

Muñoz Trucking, Inc.

As the world’s demand for goods increases, so too do the logistical and transportation networks that bring products and commodities to the consumer. Trucking plays an integral but often overlooked role in our economy, and many companies are struggling to retain their drivers. But in the border city of El Paso, Texas, Muñoz Trucking, Inc. has withstood the test of time and expanded to become one of the Southwest’s major flagship carriers.

Bringing High Quality and Stewardship to Food ProductionPacMoore

Bringing High Quality and Stewardship to Food Production


As our planet enters 2020, we need better, more ethical methods of food production to accommodate a growing population, and in America’s heartland, PacMoore Products, Inc. has engaged in this type of quality contract food production since 1989. Chief Executive Officer Bill Moore and his leadership team see the company as stewards, bringing a focus on employee caretaking and a wealth of advanced food processing techniques such as spray drying, extrusion, and both dry and liquid blending.

A Rising PowerhouseCity of Sun Prairie, WI

A Rising Powerhouse

City of Sun Prairie, WI

Ten miles outside Wisconsin’s capital of Madison, the rising city of Sun Prairie enjoyed steady growth for many decades, but remarkable growth recently. With so much in its favor, this dynamic city is rapidly attracting significant business investment.

Opportunities and InfrastructureHempstead County, AR

Opportunities and Infrastructure

Hempstead County, AR

At the dawn of 2020, our globalized economy means that reinvigorating the American manufacturing sector is more important than ever. Hempstead County, Arkansas and its county seat Hope provide rich opportunities for manufacturing development. The Hempstead County Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC) is working to augment economic opportunities in the region.

Keeping America StrongSpirit Electronics

Keeping America Strong

Spirit Electronics

Spirit Electronics tests, assembles and distributes Hi-Reliability electronics all across the aerospace and defense sectors. Operating in Phoenix, Arizona since 1979, the company is now under new leadership and celebrating its fortieth anniversary. It has increased its value-add capabilities, setting itself apart from other distributors while expanding its role of supplying custom electronic components to maintain the strategic edge of the United States and its allies.

Growing Communities Through TechnologyALLO Communications

Growing Communities Through Technology

ALLO Communications

Access to the internet has gone from being viewed as a privilege to a human right debated on the national and international stage. Even in North America, many communities lag technologically. ALLO Communications is working to bring the Midwestern United States into the twenty-first century with high-speed internet delivered through cutting-edge fiber optics.

Better Eating Through Chemistry – CoreFX Plans to Revolutionize Healthier FoodsCoreFX

Better Eating Through Chemistry – CoreFX Plans to Revolutionize Healthier Foods


It’s an everyday paradox: junk food is terrible for you yet tastes great. A healthier diet is a lofty goal, though not easily reached when many healthier foods are just, well, not very satisfying. But imagine if foods were not only healthier but also tasted great. Chicago-based CoreFX Ingredients is working to create food ingredients which not only improve nutritional quality but also taste great. The end goal: a revolution in nutritional thinking and eating habits.


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