David O'Neill

Sustainable Energy for a Global Community

GenPro Energy Solutions

Engineering procurement construction company GenPro Energy Solutions focuses on energy efficiency and energy production in commercial, governmental and residential markets. The sustainable energy company has grown considerably over its fifteen years and now serves over two hundred energy dealers across the United States and projects around the world.

At the Heart of the Food IndustryFord Brothers

At the Heart of the Food Industry

Ford Brothers

Ford Brothers has been a part of the Western New York food industry for many years. The company is celebrating its seventy-fifth year in business, and this landmark anniversary coincides with record growth. The company’s success is not down to one particular product or decision but is based on the diversity and skill of everyone involved.

E-Commerce with a Personal TouchUS Cargo Control

E-Commerce with a Personal Touch

US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control is a bit of an anomaly. In an industry where success is built on immediacy and turnover, this company offers a personal customer experience and genuine relationship building, something for which no other company can match it.

Driven by ExperienceTrans-United

Driven by Experience


To maintain a business over time is no mean feat. To keep it on the road, weathering financial and national crises for fifty-four years, is something even beyond that. Specialist hauling company Trans-United was started in 1964, in Burns Harbor, Indiana. The company now operates in forty-eight U.S. states, Canada, and internationally.

Electrifying the Mining Community

Manufacture Adria

Manufacture Adria is no stranger to the mining community. The company, which started out as an offshoot from another electrical contractor, has been a part of the industry for over a quarter of a century. The expertise that has been harnessed over this time, coupled with the growth and determination that comes with its newly independent status, has resulted in revolutionary new developments, not just for the company itself, but for the mining industry as a whole.

Safety as StandardMetro Aviation

Safety as Standard

Metro Aviation

Given the time-sensitive nature of medical emergencies and the vast distances that can be involved in transporting patients to emergency services in the United States, the air medical transport industry has seen massive growth in the past thirty years…

Developing the Robots of the FutureNachi Robotic Systems

Developing the Robots of the Future

Nachi Robotic Systems

Nachi is a name synonymous with cutting-edge technologies, partnered with value and service. Nachi Robotic Systems Inc. is owned by the Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation, which itself has been in existence for almost ninety years. Its longevity and endurance is a testament to the skill and business acumen found there. Nachi Robotic Systems, by comparison, is relatively new yet is fast approaching thirty years in the American market.

World Class Metal StampingsHTT, Inc.

World Class Metal Stampings

HTT, Inc.

Diversification is the key to longevity in the world of business. By adapting to market trends and exploring alternative products and services, a company gives itself the greatest chance of survival…

Building Skills for the FutureSandusky County, OH

Building Skills for the Future

Sandusky County, OH

Since its population of just over sixty thousand people is spread over four hundred square miles in Northern Ohio, Sandusky County faces a challenge when attempting to create viable and sustainable opportunities for its workforce. Kay Reiter, executive director of the Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation, explains how the region makes the most of its assets when planning for the years ahead.

One Man and One VanJ.E. Shekell

One Man and One Van

J.E. Shekell

All businesses must start somewhere. Like everything in life, beginnings can be humble. None more so than the experiences of John Shekell, who, thirty-seven years ago, made a decision to leave the company he had worked for and set up his own business.

Safety and Skill as StandardSupreme Roofing

Safety and Skill as Standard

Supreme Roofing

A commercial roofing company based out of Dallas, Texas, Supreme Roofing Systems has been on the roofing map since 1987. This award-winning commercial roofing company can handle everything from small offices to the largest high-rise structures. Supreme not only installs, but maintains, repairs, restores or replaces roof systems.

The Little Train that CouldFTZ #271

The Little Train that Could

FTZ #271

In a nutshell, the purpose of a foreign trade zone (FTZ) is to provide an environment in which U.S. companies or companies that manufacture in the U.S. can obtain foreign materials more competitively as part of the manufacturing operation and export more competitively and, therefore, participate more in the global economy. A virtual line is drawn around a building or an industrial park and, for all import, regulatory, tax purposes, that area is considered to be outside the United States.



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