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Rural, Progressive & WinningThe Alabama Wiregrass Region

Rural, Progressive & Winning

The Alabama Wiregrass Region

Last year, the Alabama Wiregrass region caught our attention as a national leader in business development and innovation. Sometimes referred to as ‘Wiregrass Country,’ the area encompasses parts of southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle with the Alabama Wiregrass region sitting in the southeastern part of Alabama.

Pioneering the Future of HempCV Sciences

Pioneering the Future of Hemp

CV Sciences

For decades, the health benefits of hemp products have been known. Hemp has long been recognized for its nutritional value, but in recent years, the plant has taken on an estimated 25,000 new uses. Today, hemp has been developed into food, textiles, fuels and more. With the emergence of new research and technology, the potential of hemp has evolved tremendously, and CV Sciences has been at the forefront of this hemp revolution.

Powering the FutureForbes Bros.

Powering the Future

Forbes Bros.

In 1977, Forbes Brothers opened shop as a small, family-run business in Arborfield, Canada. At the time, there was a desperate need for high-voltage power line construction services, and as such, the company quickly expanded throughout Western Canada.

Industrial EvolutionHTE Technologies

Industrial Evolution

HTE Technologies

Since 1959, HTE has helped to increase the productivity of regional manufacturers through innovative application of technology. With the driving motivation to build faster, leaner, smarter and safer local industrial manufacturers, HTE has pioneered a new era of manufacturing and advanced technologies.

Moving America ForwardThe American Trucking Association

Moving America Forward

The American Trucking Association

Founded in 1933, the American Trucking Association (ATA) has been “developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.” The ATA is a federation, made up of motor carriers, allied members, state trucking associations and councils and conferences, bringing together some of the most influential voices from across the industry.

A Crossroads of OpportunityEffingham County, IL

A Crossroads of Opportunity

Effingham County, IL

Known as the “crossroads of opportunity” for its impressive transportation routes, Effingham has cultivated growth at the junction of business and community. This micropolitan has made a splash by building a progressive, pro-business infrastructure and improving residents’ quality of life – both inside and outside the office.

Excellence in Service, Excellence in StaffDesign Mechanical

Excellence in Service, Excellence in Staff

Design Mechanical

Design Mechanical is a homegrown success story that proves there is still room for small start-ups to take on competitive industries and prosper. Beginning in one of the toughest economic times in US history, the odds stood strongly against the then small HVAC business. Today, the company is a leading player in the Midwest, providing everything from HVAC mechanical construction and service to refrigeration. Despite widespread growth, Design Mechanical has kept a people-focused ethos at its core, and according to General Manager Valerie Mussett, it is this commitment that is guiding its future.

A Business, A PassionNew England Clean Energy

A Business, A Passion

New England Clean Energy

As a journalist, I have had the privilege of interviewing a wealth of interesting professionals from across the spectrum. Although all businesses come with a story to tell, there is only one thing more impressive than an entrepreneur with vision, and that is an entrepreneur with passion. New England Clean Energy’s President, Mark Durrenberger, is one of those professionals.

Open for BusinessPassaic County

Open for Business

Passaic County

Passaic is a county which showcases all of the qualities for which New Jersey is best known: a can-do attitude and a no-nonsense approach to business. Although the area has seen substantial growth and economic development in recent years, it is the people at the heart of Passaic that remain its greatest asset. Deborah Hoffman, the director at Passaic County’s Division of Economic Development, gave us some insight into the area’s recipe for success.

If It Requires Metal, Geise Can Make ItGiese Sheet Metal Co.

If It Requires Metal, Geise Can Make It

Giese Sheet Metal Co.

Giese Sheet Metal Co. was founded in 1923 on a foundation of customer satisfaction that has pushed the firm through nearly one hundred years of success. Today, Giese has a wealth of experience and a fleet of high-end equipment and the company has earned a coveted place among Iowa’s service providers, offering residential and commercial heating, cooling, roofing, manufacturing, and sheet metal services.

A Region on the RiseEau Claire, WI

A Region on the Rise

Eau Claire, WI

Located in Northwestern Wisconsin, just over an hour from Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Eau Claire has become Wisconsin’s epicenter of business growth and innovation. The area’s agricultural history remains a strong pillar of its economy, but today, Eau Claire is also home to a plethora of emerging, technologically-driven industries.

Safety, Productivity and QualityPritchard Electric

Safety, Productivity and Quality

Pritchard Electric

Since 1962, Pritchard Electric has served customers throughout West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia. From industrial and commercial to residential and even high voltage distribution line work, Pritchard Electric’s suite of in-house services are extensive.

A Breath of Fresh AirRoboVent

A Breath of Fresh Air


The air solutions sector is a dynamic and essential player in North American industry. As industrial leaders across the planet recognize the need for safer working conditions, clean air solutions have become became a top priority.

A Breadth of ExperienceV. Paulius & Associates

A Breadth of Experience

V. Paulius & Associates

V. Paulius & Associates (VPA) is a leading building design and construction organization and an illustration of the American dream in action. A closer look at VPA’s growth uncovers a core commitment to service that has withstood the test of time.



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