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2019 | August 2019 | In FocusComing Together to Fill the GAP in Marathon CountyMCDEVCO, Inc.

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Coming Together to Fill the GAP in Marathon County


The Marathon County, Wisconsin development corporation MCDEVCO has been around for forty-one years, and it is difficult to think of an entrepreneur here who has not been, in some way, influenced, encouraged, or helped by the corporation to follow through on their dreams of starting a new business. The organization was founded with the development and wellbeing of the economy in mind and works toward developing new companies, maintaining existing ones, and finding new ways to give entrepreneurs the tools to succeed by integrating of resources.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusGateway to OpportunitySweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC)

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Gateway to Opportunity

Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC)

Nestled into the southern region of Wyoming is Sweetwater County, with its many points of interest, such as the start of the historical John Wesley Powell Expedition of the Green River that runs through Wyoming before joining the Colorado River system. The two largest cities in Sweetwater County, Rock Springs and Green River, host tens of thousands of people annually who have come from all over to take in the natural splendor of Sweetwater County – but there are also those who arrive to make this diverse and community-driven county their home and potentially, their place of business.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusA Lot to OfferMohave County, AZ

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

A Lot to Offer

Mohave County, AZ

Believing in local businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit can become a matter of faith when the nation is doing its best to recover from an economic slump. During the 2008 recession, Mohave County had to believe in any businesses that came its way, simplifying its goals to help any business it could as well as overseeing the development of infrastructure.

2019 | April 2019 | In FocusRaising the BarLavalle Transportation (LTI)

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Raising the Bar

Lavalle Transportation (LTI)

The idea of the truck driver has reached a level of romanticism in modern culture: a hard-working fleet of men and women who drive through the night from one end of the country to the other, hauling the necessities of life along with them. While our culture and media tend to amplify the truth of those we admire there is no denying that the workforce behind Lavalle Transportation (LTI) strives to meet the expectations of a demanding public.

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

A History of Proven Expertise

Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT) is a global company that reaches Africa, Australia, South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Having such a wide spread and nearly thirty years of doing business around the world has given the company a high referral rate that sees new clients seeking out its expertise and quality. Not every client comes through these word of mouth channels. The company also boasts a productive outside sales team and a dedicated set of internal staff who take part in more creative marketing approaches.

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Toward a Greener Future


The way in which we view material headed for the landfill has certainly changed a lot in the last forty-eight years, and Ecowaste has been there to see these changes firsthand. By finishing and closing sections of the landfill, the company has been able to lease portions of land to other companies to bring a number of recovery and disposal techniques under its roof.


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