Jesse Doehler-Knox

The Steam ExpertsBoiler Equipment Company

The Steam Experts

Boiler Equipment Company

In the middle of winter, a truck washing facility in Illinois was forced to halt its services. One of its high-pressure vessels had quit and was beyond repair. A full installation would take at least a week. Panicked staff members were on the phone with an installation company they had worked with in the past, desperate to get things working again.

An Exciting and Sustainable FutureGreenlane Biogas

An Exciting and Sustainable Future

Greenlane Biogas

Not too far from your home, rolling hills of garbage are piling up in giant heaps. Waste that is collected from our homes, streets and workplaces continues to build as large trucks deliver more and more each day. White seagulls and colourful plastic bags fly through the air. Apart from the giant machines, they seem to be the only visible life here.

Experts in Shipping, Logistics & Fleet ServicesAtlas Trucking Company

Experts in Shipping, Logistics & Fleet Services

Atlas Trucking Company

Atlas Trucking is a privately owned transportation company located in Taylor, Michigan. With 170 employees and a fleet of over 130 flatbeds, it has been delivering solutions in the transportation industry since 1999, operating as a trucking, logistics and fleet servicing company, with expertise in managing, dispatching and driving shipments of any size. It is plated to operate in every one of the 48 contiguous United States, with most of its trucks going in and out of the Midwest, the Northeast, Texas and Ontario.

A Family Success Story for Over 60 YearsBurke Electric LLC

A Family Success Story for Over 60 Years

Burke Electric LLC

Burke Electric is an electrical contractor and subcontractor based out of Bellevue, Washington. It is a small family business, owned by Dominic Burke. “We are your heavy industrial electrical solution,” he explains. “We cover all facets of power generation, substations, wastewater, pumping plants, fish bypass systems, fish traps, and government contracts.”

A Commitment to Caring for the LandOkray Family Farms

A Commitment to Caring for the Land

Okray Family Farms

Rainfall doubled in Wisconsin over the past two years. While the rain was pouring down in massive sheets in Wisconsin, fires were blazing across much of California. These changes in climate are impacting the flora and fauna across the U.S. Climate change remains the number one threat to global food systems.
So how is your food supply being impacted by climate change?

Building for an Emerging IndustryZoned Properties

Building for an Emerging Industry

Zoned Properties

Zoned Properties, as the name implies, helps cannabis companies navigate the red tape of zoning, permits, and politicians – letting companies focus on perfecting their product. Zoned is proficient in the areas of property identification, sustainable development, and leasing.

Solar is Here to StayRGS Energy

Solar is Here to Stay

RGS Energy

Solar shingles have arrived, and they are finally available for everyone. Invented by Dow, and licensed to Real Goods Solar Company (RGS Energy), POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 is easily the most accessible and pragmatic approach to solar power…

Economic Opportunity Paired with Natural BeautyThe Alliance - Corinth and Alcorn County

Economic Opportunity Paired with Natural Beauty

The Alliance - Corinth and Alcorn County

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Mississippi, lies the small city of Corinth and Alcorn County. On an early Friday evening, while citizens of Corinth are getting ready to go out to a local ball game or one of the many restaurants and live music venues in town, Clayton Stanley and his team are watching the last of the trucks depart from a 200-acre tract of land they purchased in 2013. After a lot of hard work, 40 acres are now “pad ready” for a major industrial manufacturer.

Coffee Done DifferentlyLarry’s Coffee

Coffee Done Differently

Larry’s Coffee

Larry Larson peered out the window as he sat sipping a small roast coffee in his favorite smoke-filled café. Beatnik movements were abounding against sexism, racism, homophobia, and big business at the peak of grunge’s heyday that was Seattle in the nineties, and he fit in the scene in his wire-framed glasses and a goatee. Larry had graduated university and was on his way to North Carolina to continue his studies. Even though he was saying goodbye to the Seattle scene, he was carrying the values he learned with him.

A Family Legacy that Feeds the WorldPrimavera Marketing

A Family Legacy that Feeds the World

Primavera Marketing

In the lush California hills, Rich Sambado meets his brother Tim and father Lawrence. Lawrence, who is now 80 years old, is supervising dozens of employees who are patiently picking ripe apples. Unlike when Lawrence first picked apples from the farm, many employees no longer climb up and down handmade wooden ladders, but use industrial platforms…

A Collaborative Approach to Community-BuildingTown of Edson, AB

A Collaborative Approach to Community-Building

Town of Edson, AB

Mayor Kevin Zahara sits in the middle of the council chamber absently adjusting his tie when the internet live-stream begins. Sitting beside him are six councillors, made up of equal parts men and women, representing the town of Edson, Alberta, as well as city staff members, including Mike Derricott, Chief Administrative Officer, who provides details on how city staff are implementing strategies as well as recommendations…



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