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Building the Bridge Back to WorkWorkplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario

Building the Bridge Back to Work

Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario

Dealing with workplace injuries can be a devastating and challenging experience for both worker and company. Organizations such as the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) of Ontario enable workers to receive needed compensation and provide no-fault insurance for employers in the province. As an independent organization of the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, WSIB serves as a bridge to get injured workers back to work and a healthy recovery.

A Longstanding Legacy of Promoting Healthy LivingBragg Live Food Products

A Longstanding Legacy of Promoting Healthy Living

Bragg Live Food Products

As a pioneer in the health movement, Bragg Live Food Products provides its customers with a diverse lineup of organic and natural food and nutrition products that enable people to live a healthy lifestyle. For over one hundred years, the company has offered superior quality products, adhering to the philosophy that, “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say, and do!”

Promoting Bay County to the WorldBay Future, Inc.

Promoting Bay County to the World

Bay Future, Inc.

Since 2004, Bay Future, Inc. has been improving the lives of Bay County, Michigan residents through job creation and retention in a variety of industries. Bay Future’s top priority is to assist and support businesses in Bay County and attract new companies to the region from across the globe.

Gluten Free Goodness with Knowledge and ServiceArnel’s Originals

Gluten Free Goodness with Knowledge and Service

Arnel’s Originals

The phrase ‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ could definitely be applied to how Arnel’s Originals got its start. As a mother, founder Arnel McAtee used her research and cooking skills to prepare food her children could eat without the risk of suffering from the symptoms of gluten. From those humble beginnings, Arnel’s Originals has grown into a successful company selling whole grain organic non-GMO gluten free mixes that are not only nourishing, but delicious.

Sweet Summer NightsBusiness Booms as the Temperature Rises

Sweet Summer Nights

Business Booms as the Temperature Rises

After a long winter season, North Americans are anxious to get out and have fun during the summer. Whether consumers are traveling to theme parks, visiting beaches, or enjoying clubs on those long, hot summer nights, businesses have found myriad ways to cater to consumer demands and the latest trends.

“We Celebrate Human Achievement”Plastic Dress-Up Company

“We Celebrate Human Achievement”

Plastic Dress-Up Company

Since its inception, Plastic Dress-Up Company (PDU) has been a leader in the award and trophy industry. As the first company to manufacture plastic trophy components, PDU continues to revolutionize the industry by remaining innovative and adapting to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Zenith City Experiencing Economic RenaissanceCity of Duluth, Minnesota

Zenith City Experiencing Economic Renaissance

City of Duluth, Minnesota

The City of Duluth, Minnesota has evolved from its days of heavy manufacturing, lumber, steel and concrete production to support diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, technology and aviation. Mayor Don Ness spoke with Business in Focus once again about the development and progress Duluth has made since we last featured the city in June of 2014. “Our economic development projects continue to move forward,” says the Mayor.

Food that Enhances the Body and MindSunwarrior

Food that Enhances the Body and Mind


Sunwarrior has demonstrated a commitment to making the best plant-based foods and supplements for its customers. The company lives up to its mission to ‘Illuminate Body, Mind, and Planet’ and strives to exemplify those ideals in everything it does – from sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to growing microgreens in its own facilities.

A Modern Take on an Old World FavoriteKolache Factory

A Modern Take on an Old World Favorite

Kolache Factory

With origins in Central and Eastern Europe, kolaches are pastry rolls that are filled with fruit, or meat and cheese. These snacks have also become popular in the United States over the years, and the Kolache Factory, committed to the authenticity, craftsmanship, and food innovation, offers a modern take on this Old World treat.

A Strong Culture Drives QualityHill & Wilkinson

A Strong Culture Drives Quality

Hill & Wilkinson

Since 1968, Hill & Wilkinson has evolved. Once a small family business and now a leader in its field, the firm provides a full range of contracting services across multiple sectors, with a particular focus on a service model called “Process-Driven Design and Construction” in which each client’s unique process dictates the specific way the company approaches projects.



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