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2020 | In Focus | July 2020 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentA Model for Small-Town DevelopmentTown of Groton, CT

2020 | In Focus | July 2020 | Workforce & Economic Development

A Model for Small-Town Development

Town of Groton, CT

Sometimes, the question isn’t, ‘What’s happening?’ In the case of Groton, Connecticut, it’s, ‘What isn’t happening?’ This is a town that has everything going for it, and it is hard to keep up with the rapid progression of projects and undertakings. We spoke with Manager of Economic and Community Development Paige Bronk and Economic Development Specialist Sam Eisenbeiser to find out more.

2020 | April 2020 | In Focus | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentHumming with ActivityCity of Waterloo, ON

2020 | April 2020 | In Focus | Workforce & Economic Development

Humming with Activity

City of Waterloo, ON

The City of Waterloo, Ontario is a hub of activity these days, and it continues to impress as one of North America’s leading innovation cities that brought the likes of the late Stephen Hawking here on numerous occasions. Incubators and research centres are bustling, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as the greater Waterloo Region is one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusA Model For Rural Economic DevelopmentOconto County Economic Development Corporation

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

A Model For Rural Economic Development

Oconto County Economic Development Corporation

The past few years have been quite the journey for the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation of Wisconsin. The organization has fine-tuned its plans for economic health, Fab Labs are starting to make an impact, and the feasibility study has produced some excellent information that is being used so effectively that other similar rural EDCs are taking notice. Once again, we had the privilege of speaking with Oconto County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Paul W. Ehrfurth.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019The Evolution of GP TranscoGP Transco

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

The Evolution of GP Transco

GP Transco

Just a little over a year ago, I wrote about a trucking and logistics company from Darien, Illinois, called GP Transco. At the time, GP Transco was implementing its trucking management software OpenRoad TMS, changing its overall look, and dealing with a driver waiting list that is the envy of the industry. Once again, we spoke with Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Sergey Bort and Vice President of HR and Safety Marija Jamontas.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019Staying FreshRed Mango

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

Staying Fresh

Red Mango

In 2017, when we met Red Mango, the frozen treat and healthy food chain was celebrating its tenth anniversary. We recently caught up with Red Mango’s Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Franchise Development Jim Notarnicola, Public Relations Manager Jonathan Reistad, and Director of Marketing and Product Development Nicole Taub, and asked about its progress since then.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019Investing in Its FuturePlaquemines Parish, LA

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

Investing in Its Future

Plaquemines Parish, LA

The ability to change course and diversify can make or break an area’s economic outlook. The Plaquemines Parish Government Economic Development and Tourism office has capable individuals at the helm, and this area in Louisiana is certainly not suffering. We spoke with Economic Development and Tourism Director Keith Espadron, Jr., to find out more about what’s driving success and growth in this parish.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019Racing Toward GrowthDarlington County, SC

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

Racing Toward Growth

Darlington County, SC

South Carolina’s Darlington County is well-known for its NASCAR track, called the Darlington Raceway – but it has so much more going for it. Back in August of 2015, I spoke with Darlington County Economic Development Partnership Executive Director Frank Willis about the history of the area, how transportation plays a key role in its economic development, and plans to strengthen the manufacturing sector. Once again, we spoke with Frank and found out how plans have developed over the last four years.

2019 | In Focus | October 201980 Years of Excellence in Farming

2019 | In Focus | October 2019

80 Years of Excellence in Farming

Eighty years of history is certainly something to brag about – especially since the VanSingel Farms business has been in the same area of Grant, Michigan since its inception. This third-generation, family-run leader in fresh produce has been a staple of quality for decades. This year has been exciting and full of healthy-looking crops, and we spoke with Cal VanSingel, one of the three brothers who own and run the company, to find out more.

2019 | In Focus | September 2019New Name, Renewed PurposeShawnee Forward Business Alliance

2019 | In Focus | September 2019

New Name, Renewed Purpose

Shawnee Forward Business Alliance

In 2017, Business in Focus spoke with Economic Development Director Tim Burg about Shawnee, the eastern gateway to Oklahoma City. A lot has happened since then, and amongst other things, the development organization name has changed from the Shawnee Economic Development Foundation to the Shawnee Forward Business Alliance. I had the privilege of speaking with one of the new people brought on board: President and Chief Executive Officer Tracy Qualls.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusSmart Growth in ArkansasCity of Conway, AR

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Smart Growth in Arkansas

City of Conway, AR

Arkansas is a unique place known for its diversified economy; as such, it is somewhat sheltered from the national ebbs and flows. The City of Conway is no different and has managed, through astute city and state planning, to develop into a successful hub of activity with advanced urban planning. Business in Focus spoke with Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Jamie Gates to find out more.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Delivering Freshness Every DayKeany Produce and Gourmet

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Delivering Freshness Every Day

Keany Produce and Gourmet

Established in 1978, Keany Produce and Gourmet is a family-owned produce distributor. Whether it transports fruit, dairy, or vegetables, the utmost care and professionalism go into every effort. The company, celebrating its fortieth anniversary, has recently undergone a warehouse expansion, and is currently experiencing phenomenal growth. We spoke with Social Media and Marketing Coordinator Cassidy Williams.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Wood By-Products – The Way Forward for a Sustainable FutureCloverdale Fuel

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Wood By-Products – The Way Forward for a Sustainable Future

Cloverdale Fuel

Cloverdale Fuel is the largest licensed wood-waste processor in southwest British Columbia and works with wood products in every way, including disposal, transport, and sales. It maintains a fleet of thirty-five trucks and trailers to convey wood waste and pick up finished product throughout the lower mainland and Washington State. We spoke with its General Manager Robby Gill, grandson of the company’s founder.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Seeing Waste DifferentlyAnaergia

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Seeing Waste Differently


Anaergia’s proprietary technologies create renewable energy and fertilizers from municipal, agricultural, and industrial waste, generating new revenue sources for clients while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Burlington, Ontario-based company has fourteen satellite offices and three manufacturing plants from which it serves nearly two thousand resource recovery customers around the globe.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019The Land of OpportunityRedevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department of Manatee County

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

The Land of Opportunity

Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department of Manatee County

In May of 2018, Business in Focus wrote about the Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department (REO) of Manatee County in the state of Florida. The focus was on job creation and incentive programs. The county’s population is growing rapidly, and the cost of housing is skyrocketing; however, new development initiatives include affordable housing and plenty of land to work with in and around Fort Manatee. We spoke with REO Director Geri Lopez and Manatee County Economic Development Manager Karen Stewart.


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