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Building Success from Family Values, Adaptability, Quality, and the Customer

Building Success from Family Values, Adaptability, Quality, and the Customer

Royce Associates

Royce Associates is a fourth generation company that has successfully evolved and thrived for over eighty-seven years. But, how is it possible that some companies achieve such longevity and success while others do not? In most cases, there is not a single factor, but rather a combination that together makes those companies unstoppable. For Royce, it is strong family values, adaptability, quality, and a customer-centric focus.
The grandfather of one of the current owners, Wylie H. Royce founded the company in 1929 and focused on textiles in the chemical industry. Wylie’s grandfather spent the next fifty years working hard to expand the company. With attention to service, quality, relationships, and the right people he achieved this.

A Unique City Evolving Over Time

A Unique City Evolving Over Time

City of Arcadia, CA

When Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin founded the City of Arcadia in 1903 he couldn’t have known that it would turn into what it is today: a small, unique city that has a high quality of life and services, offers excellent education and medical care, provides a mix of residential and commercial options, and is centrally located near Downtown Los Angeles and the thriving Santa Anita Park.
It’s no surprise that the city of Arcadia, CA has, on several occasions, been named as one of the best cities in which to raise children in California by BusinessWeek Magazine. Arcadia has evolved from the early days to what it is today. But the evolution and growth of the city hasn’t been without its challenges. It has had to overcome a retracting retail sector and deal with changes in California State Law. But through flexible and creative approaches, Arcadia has been able to meet these challenges and successfully evolve over time.


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