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2018 | August 2018 | In FocusThe Intersection of Lifestyle and OpportunityCity of Lockhart, Texas

2018 | August 2018 | In Focus

The Intersection of Lifestyle and Opportunity

City of Lockhart, Texas

Lockhart is a city of more than 13,000 people in the rural county of Caldwell in central Texas. The city is in the very middle of the rapidly growing corridor connecting Austin and San Antonio and barely thirty minutes from each of these two metropolitan centers. The Lockhart Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is working to realize some of the logistical advantages of its fortuitous location.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Innovative Products, Solutions and ServicesDrake Controls

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Innovative Products, Solutions and Services

Drake Controls

Drake Controls is an authorized full-service distributor and service partner for Woodward, Inc. specializing in delivering complete machinery governing and protection solutions for industrial applications. As a Woodward Recognized Engine and Turbine Retrofit (RER and RTR) partner, Drake Controls delivers fully integrated control and protection systems for engine driven generator sets as well as steam and gas turbine driven machinery trains.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Success Built on PeopleAmix Group

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Success Built on People

Amix Group

Amix Group is a collection of companies headquartered in New Westminster, British Columbia specializing in marine transport services, marine salvage, marine projects, steel and surplus sales, and ready-mix concrete delivery. This is a company with a broad range of capabilities, and it is actively seeking opportunities to provide a full scope of logistical services.

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Becoming a Lightweighting Leader

Shape Corp.

Shape Corp. is a full service supplier of custom metallic, plastic, composite, and hybrid solutions. A tradition of process and material advancements has positioned the company as an innovative driver of lightweight components and systems. ~ Shape Corp. primarily serves the automotive sector, but has supplied a diversified collection of...

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Transforming the IndustryNWL

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Transforming the Industry


NWL is a manufacturer of specialized electrical components including transformers, power supplies, inductors and capacitors for demanding industrial and military applications. Throughout its history, NWL has grown consistently, and today, the company operates five manufacturing plants and is one of the leaders in its industry.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Leading the Field for 45 YearsCreative Pultrusions

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Leading the Field for 45 Years

Creative Pultrusions

Pultrusion is a portmanteau that combines ‘pull’ and ‘extrusion’ as materials are pulled through the process. It refers to a continuous manufacturing method for composite materials. Founded in 1973, Creative Pultrusions, Inc. is the premier provider of custom fiberglass-reinforced polymer pultrusion products for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies in the United States.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Going the Extra Mile for Customers and Manufacturing the Future Since 1983Cameron Manufacturing and Design

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Going the Extra Mile for Customers and Manufacturing the Future Since 1983

Cameron Manufacturing and Design

Cameron Manufacturing and Design is a manufacturing company specializing in custom machinery, metal fabrication, and weldments. The company also offers a variety of engineering services. It is a one-stop fabrication, manufacturing, and machining house that can handle small to large scale production runs, turnkey projects, and more. But what truly makes the company unique is its capacity to solve challenging problems for customers.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Engineered Industrial Baking SolutionsStewart Systems

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Engineered Industrial Baking Solutions

Stewart Systems

Stewart Systems is a manufacturer of high-volume bread and bun baking equipment. The company manufactures industry-leading equipment for customers who supply some of the biggest and busiest grocery stores and fast food restaurants – end users that require the capacity to produce large quantities. The company’s machines can make over 150 loaves of bread or 1000 buns per minute…

2017 | In Focus | November 2017The Latest in Machine AutomationiAutomation

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

The Latest in Machine Automation


iAutomation is a distributor of industrial automation products. However, over the course of its history, the company has developed an expertise that has enabled it to form mutually beneficial partnerships with clients far beyond the typical distributor relationship. “Our mission is to partner with customers and suppliers,” says iAutomation Marketing Director Josh Walters, “and to help enable innovation within their business because when they grow, we grow.”


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