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Better Production Today for a Brighter Future Tomorrow

Better Production Today for a Brighter Future Tomorrow

Acquire Automation

A pioneer in manufacturing and packaging technology and solutions, Acquire Automation ensures brand protection for its clients. Based out of Fishers, Indiana, the company’s team of passionate and experienced staff takes pride in engineering specialized manufacturing and packaging vision solutions.
In its 30,000 square foot facility, the staff work together to come up with solutions for a variety of industries including consumer goods, food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Worldwide Knitting Solutions

Worldwide Knitting Solutions

Stoll America

The art of knitting has been around for centuries, but Stoll has brought it to unthinkable levels throughout the past 145 years. Inspired by customer satisfaction, Stoll America Knitting Machinery takes great pride in inviting its users to provide feedback and experience to help shape the company’s future, and it has been working.
The company’s motto is, “Design to Inspire” and CEO North American Operations, Stephan Robertson, ensures his team embodies this spirit. Knit specialists that are hired for their genius in programming do not simply start on the computerized machines; instead, they start at the very beginning stages of knitting – by hand. With a two to three-day workshop, new hires are introduced to the art of knitting by hand before becoming involved with the mix of technology and knitting.


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