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A Model for SuccessThe Midland Business Alliance

A Model for Success

The Midland Business Alliance

The County of Midland, Michigan is a hub of business activity with a diverse range of small businesses, retail, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies. It is no wonder why the Midland Business Alliance (MBA) is one of the busiest groups in the county.

Serving up 90 Years of SmilesSchoep’s Ice Cream

Serving up 90 Years of Smiles

Schoep’s Ice Cream

When you think of the business of ice cream, you cannot help but think of happiness. It is no wonder then that three generations of Thomsens have spent over ninety years making Schoep’s Ice Cream Company Inc. not only one of the largest independent ice cream manufacturers in Wisconsin but the United States as well.

A Commitment to Faith, Family, Community and InnovationHoney Bee Manufacturing

A Commitment to Faith, Family, Community and Innovation

Honey Bee Manufacturing

On a farm in Bracken, Saskatchewan in the 1970s, brothers Greg and Glenn Honey were a couple of determined young farmers who did not let anything stop them from doing what needed to get done. During the winter of 1978-1979, they spent eighteen to twenty hours a day building a giant tractor from the ground up because they needed something bigger for their farm. It was a 500-horsepower beast that was larger than anything on the market.

Growing a Family Business… through the Business of GrowthZwart Systems

Growing a Family Business… through the Business of Growth

Zwart Systems

The business of producing the food we eat and the flowers we enjoy is not as simple as planting a seed and watching it grow. There are many steps involved, and many businesses that manufacture the solutions to ensure the quality of the food and flowers that are produced. In Ontario, Canada, Zwart Systems has been a key provider of one of the most important steps – horticultural irrigation – for almost fifty years.

Incentive and Expansion Abounds in Evans, ColoradoCity of Evans, CO

Incentive and Expansion Abounds in Evans, Colorado

City of Evans, CO

Colorado is one of those ideal states that offers everything an outdoor enthusiast could want – plenty of sunshine and four full seasons, access to beautiful rivers, hiking and biking trails – not to mention the Rocky Mountains and wide open spaces. The towns and cities in the state range in size and diversity and are known for a variety of attractions. The northern city of Evans, located along the South Platte River, is one of the most resilient and enticing of them all.

That #KanDo Mentality That Can Only Mean SuccessKandiyohi County, MN

That #KanDo Mentality That Can Only Mean Success

Kandiyohi County, MN

For almost 15 years, the Kandiyohi County and City of Willmar Economic Development Commission (EDC) has been working hard to serve as a catalyst for economic growth in its region. In 2017, Business in Focus took a closer look at this dynamic organization and all of the great initiatives the EDC was working on in partnership with other sectors to make the City and County a vibrant and attractive place to live and do business.

Simply the Best by DesignCMA Dishmachines

Simply the Best by Design

CMA Dishmachines

Let’s face it – no one likes to wash dishes. Not in small quantities, and certainly not in large. It’s easy to get careless and break a dish, and it’s difficult to ensure dishes are properly sanitized when they are washed in the sink.

Fields of Dreams in Enfield ConnecticutTown of Enfield, CT

Fields of Dreams in Enfield Connecticut

Town of Enfield, CT

The Town of Enfield, Connecticut, comprising Enfield, Thompsonville and Hazardville, is a small suburb located in Hartford County, north of Hartford, Connecticut and south of Springfield, Massachusetts. Named for Enfield Town in Middlesex, England after the three areas merged, the region was well-known due to Colonel Augustus George Hazard, whose company manufactured gunpowder in the Powder Hollow area of the town from the 1830s to the 1910s, and was the largest producer of munitions during the Civil War.

The Mobile OfficeNearly Two Decades in the Making

The Mobile Office

Nearly Two Decades in the Making

In 2000, I began working in marketing for a software development company that was designing applications for the Palm™ handheld computing device that were set to revolutionize the consumer packaged goods industry. At the time, mobile phones were just used for making phones calls, and BlackBerrys® were the “cutting edge” device that allowed users to text…



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