2018 | In Focus | May 2018Premier Suburb of Milwaukee Grows More Vibrant While Preserving Its RootsCity of Wauwatosa, WI

2018 | In Focus | May 2018

Premier Suburb of Milwaukee Grows More Vibrant While Preserving Its Roots

City of Wauwatosa, WI

The City of Wauwatosa, population 47,000, is just five miles from downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Known for its historic beauty and modern amenities, Wauwatosa (named after the indigenous Potawatomi word for “firefly”) features three rivers running through the city, an entire subdivision on the National Register of Historic Places, topnotch shopping destinations and restaurants, and the 19.5-acre Hart Park.

2018 | In Focus | May 2018Connecting Community with Opportunity

2018 | In Focus | May 2018

Connecting Community with Opportunity

The Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department (REO) of Manatee County is focused on stimulating urban areas. It was formed in 2016 with a goal of bringing economic and community development programs into these areas to create more opportunities for the businesses and residents operating and living within them.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusBig Projects, Big BreakthroughsNationwide Boiler

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Big Projects, Big Breakthroughs

Nationwide Boiler

Big things are happening at Nationwide Boiler, Incorporated. The Fremont, California-based company sells and rents boilers, temporary steam plants, trailer-mounted mobile watertube and firetube boilers, and other boiler-related equipment. Since Business in Focus profiled the firm in October 2017, Nationwide has completed their first acquisition, introduced an industry-leading technology for their rental fleet, and signed on to multiple projects involving mammoth-scale equipment.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusNew Technology and Old-Fashioned Quality Come Together at Tejas TubularTejas Tubular

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

New Technology and Old-Fashioned Quality Come Together at Tejas Tubular

Tejas Tubular

Oilfield supplier Tejas Tubular Products, Inc. manufactures American Petroleum Institute (API) tubing, couplings, and pup joints, among other products. Currently, the company is embarking on its third endeavor with robotics to improve upon the speed and safety of manufacturing. This includes the invention and application of new technology to help the robots operate at full potential.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusTried and TestedSekisui Diagnostics

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Tried and Tested

Sekisui Diagnostics

One rarely thinks about the mind-blowing amount of technology that goes into creating accurate medical diagnostics. These tests can be those performed in a laboratory (like when you get your blood drawn) or in a rapid format, also known as point-of-care tests. Both types of tests aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of a broad range of conditions from flu to strep throat, pregnancy, cholesterol levels and liver function. Luckily, there is an international diagnostics giant that does think about it. Sekisui Diagnostics produces rapid tests and reagents so doctors can improve health and even save lives.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusBuilt to LastMB Kit Systems

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Built to Last

MB Kit Systems

Conveniently located at Ohio’s Akron Fulton International Airport, MB Kit Systems Inc. is the largest U.S. design integrator of extruded aluminum framing applications using extrusion profiles and components. Over the years, the dedicated leaders at MB Kit Systems have worked to build a dependable company that provides outstanding service to both its customers and its community.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusSolving the Global Water Crisis with High Recovery, Minimum Energy Water SystemsMagna Imperio Systems Corporation

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Solving the Global Water Crisis with High Recovery, Minimum Energy Water Systems

Magna Imperio Systems Corporation

Headquartered in Texas, Magna Imperio Systems Corporation (MIS) has developed technology that efficiently and cost effectively can purify water sources. Its proprietary systems transform saltwater into clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene, and the company has worked on water projects for military deployments as well as municipal and industrial uses.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusMeeting the Needs of a Connected WorldComstar Technologies

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Meeting the Needs of a Connected World

Comstar Technologies

The future is a technological one, and the evidence is all around us as computers are society’s most vital tools. So many aspects of our lives and businesses rely on the continued function of multiple computers across different networks. To keep these running, Comstar Technologies of West Chester, Pennsylvania has risen to the challenge. Comstar has been navigating the realms of telephony and IT support for thirty years.

2018 | December 2018 | In FocusHome Away from HomeThe Lixi Group

2018 | December 2018 | In Focus

Home Away from Home

The Lixi Group

Driven by experience and a desire to please, The Lixi Group believes every one of its guests is special and deserves the best possible treatment. Staying in one of the Group’s multiple locations for one night, a week or even longer, guests of well-known and respected brands such as Marriott, Hilton and Starwood are afforded the ultimate respect. This has resulted in a strong, loyal customer base, and a badge of pride for The Lixi Group’s Michael Percaccio.


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