August 2019

Redefining WholesomeMiller Poultry

Redefining Wholesome

Miller Poultry

Years before farmyard fowl and humans would begin jiving to the infectious tune of Louis Jordan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens,’ the founders of Miller Poultry bought a small farm. And with food ethics concerns and allergy issues on the rise, it helps to know that there are U.S. chicken producers like this.

Natural Delights — The Name Says It AllDatepac

Natural Delights — The Name Says It All


Sweet, succulent, nutritious Medjool dates are the pride of Morocco, where they have a history of cultivation stretching back thousands of years. However, happily for North American date fans, horticulturists brought Medjool shoots to the U.S. in the 1920s, and today, the descendants of these trees thrive under the watchful eye of the Bard Valley Date Growers Association. Once harvested, the dates sorted, graded, and packed by Datepac and shipped around the world.

Vertically Integrated Molding, Machining and Manufacturing SolutionsJrlon

Vertically Integrated Molding, Machining and Manufacturing Solutions


With customers in the chemical, water, and food processing industries – not to mention aerospace, medical and other high-stakes sectors – there is no margin for error. Jrlon recognizes this and continues to deliver parts, solutions and service of the highest quality, doing so by growing its capacity and expertise across materials and manufacturing processes.

Coming Together to Fill the GAP in Marathon CountyMCDEVCO, Inc.

Coming Together to Fill the GAP in Marathon County


The Marathon County, Wisconsin development corporation MCDEVCO has been around for forty-one years, and it is difficult to think of an entrepreneur here who has not been, in some way, influenced, encouraged, or helped by the corporation to follow through on their dreams of starting a new business. The organization was founded with the development and wellbeing of the economy in mind and works toward developing new companies, maintaining existing ones, and finding new ways to give entrepreneurs the tools to succeed by integrating of resources.

Smart Growth in ArkansasCity of Conway, AR

Smart Growth in Arkansas

City of Conway, AR

Arkansas is a unique place known for its diversified economy; as such, it is somewhat sheltered from the national ebbs and flows. The City of Conway is no different and has managed, through astute city and state planning, to develop into a successful hub of activity with advanced urban planning. Business in Focus spoke with Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Jamie Gates to find out more.

A Model for SuccessThe Midland Business Alliance

A Model for Success

The Midland Business Alliance

The County of Midland, Michigan is a hub of business activity with a diverse range of small businesses, retail, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies. It is no wonder why the Midland Business Alliance (MBA) is one of the busiest groups in the county.

Gateway to OpportunitySweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC)

Gateway to Opportunity

Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC)

Nestled into the southern region of Wyoming is Sweetwater County, with its many points of interest, such as the start of the historical John Wesley Powell Expedition of the Green River that runs through Wyoming before joining the Colorado River system. The two largest cities in Sweetwater County, Rock Springs and Green River, host tens of thousands of people annually who have come from all over to take in the natural splendor of Sweetwater County – but there are also those who arrive to make this diverse and community-driven county their home and potentially, their place of business.

Brookhaven, Georgia is Open for BusinessCity of Brookhaven, GA

Brookhaven, Georgia is Open for Business

City of Brookhaven, GA

When delegates arrive in Brookhaven on September 12 for its first-ever developers’ day, they will find a superb location with excellent transportation links, an educated workforce whose average age is just thirty-four, national and international corporations happy to call this home, and a detailed economic development plan that is looking ahead to 2034.

A Lot to OfferMohave County, AZ

A Lot to Offer

Mohave County, AZ

Believing in local businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit can become a matter of faith when the nation is doing its best to recover from an economic slump. During the 2008 recession, Mohave County had to believe in any businesses that came its way, simplifying its goals to help any business it could as well as overseeing the development of infrastructure.



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