February 2016

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusTransforming Waste into ProfitBioConversion Solutions

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Transforming Waste into Profit

BioConversion Solutions

Dealing with waste such as biomass from food processing, organic solids, fracking production wastewater, metals, industrial contaminants and sludge in water systems is time-consuming and costly. Many municipalities, food processors, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the military, agribusiness and the oil, gas and mining sectors require expensive systems or the hauling away of sludge for disposal. Such methods are not only cost-prohibitive but often bad for the environment.

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusPlanning for Tomorrow’s FutureLogibec

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Planning for Tomorrow’s Future


With the Information Technology industry reaching saturation point in terms of the variety and scope of companies vying for business, it is crucial that a company stay one step ahead of its competitors. Excellent service and innovative products are now a pre-requisite for the industry leaders and a company needs to move beyond this in order to solidify its position and reputation.

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusCreated by Farmers, for FarmersGrowers Supply

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Created by Farmers, for Farmers

Growers Supply

A division of Engineering Services and Products Co. (ESAPCO), Growers Supply was established in 1979 as a catalogue merchandiser with a focus on bringing the highest quality products to its customers at very competitive prices. Since its inception, Growers Supply has served over 300,000 loyal and satisfied customers around the world, a number that continues to grow…

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusInnovating for a Sustainable TomorrowWTEC

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow


WTEC Energy is leading the way in renewable energy by innovating for a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow. Working as an engineering firm, manufacturer, supplier and installer in solar, wind, and other sustainable energy markets, this is a fully integrated energy supplier. WTEC is providing products and services to some of the world’s biggest energy projects.

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusLogging Benefits and Eliminating TariffsThe Competitive Advantages of the TPP

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Logging Benefits and Eliminating Tariffs

The Competitive Advantages of the TPP

After eight long years of negotiations, one of the most comprehensive trade agreements ever has been reached between 12 participating countries. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been successfully negotiated between Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, and the United States, and will have a significant impact on a number of industries.

2016 | February 2016 | In FocusRobotic Industry Automation at its FinestColumbia/Okura LLC

2016 | February 2016 | In Focus

Robotic Industry Automation at its Finest

Columbia/Okura LLC

Columbia/Okura LLC has a lot to celebrate! Marking twenty successful years in operation, Columbia/Okura is embarking on the installation of its seven hundredth robotic palletizer in the North American market. With a reputation for quality and world-class service and support, Columbia/Okura has established itself as the premier manufacturer of robotic palletizing solutions in North America.


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