July 2019

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Delivering Freshness Every DayKeany Produce and Gourmet

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Delivering Freshness Every Day

Keany Produce and Gourmet

Established in 1978, Keany Produce and Gourmet is a family-owned produce distributor. Whether it transports fruit, dairy, or vegetables, the utmost care and professionalism go into every effort. The company, celebrating its fortieth anniversary, has recently undergone a warehouse expansion, and is currently experiencing phenomenal growth. We spoke with Social Media and Marketing Coordinator Cassidy Williams.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Vital Downtown Growth and DevelopmentCity of East Lansing, MI

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Vital Downtown Growth and Development

City of East Lansing, MI

Known for its proximity to Michigan State University (MSU), the city of East Lansing is not your typical university community. MSU, located in East Lansing, is a particularly large school with more than 50,000 students, and it boasts the second-highest number of on-campus housing units in the country. Whereas most university cities provide the majority of student housing in the surrounding local area, the 16,500 campus housing units are an unusual and beneficial element of the community.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Living and Working in Two WorldsVilas County Economic Development Corporation

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Living and Working in Two Worlds

Vilas County Economic Development Corporation

Imagine this scenario: After communicating with international clients, you take a break to stretch your legs and walk out to the water – and we are not talking about an office water cooler. We are envisioning crystal clear lake water, surrounded by pine forest where you take a soul-nourishing breath. Refreshed, you head back to your computer to continue developing a software program.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Stress Less, Grow MoreShipMonk

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Stress Less, Grow More


ShipMonk provides technology-focused order fulfillment services to small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. With its two state-of-the-art warehousing facilities located in San Bernardino, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company serves customers from coast to coast as well as internationally.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Artistry in Design and a Passion for ServiceGlengate Company

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Artistry in Design and a Passion for Service

Glengate Company

The Glengate Company is the premier landscape, pool, and lifestyle company in New England. It provides its discerning clients with a degree of expertise and quality that is unmatched in the industry and takes the stress out of outdoor living projects including garden and landscape design and installation as well as pool design, build, and renovation, and even year-round property and pool care.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Improving Oil, Gas and the Environment

Coil Chem, LLC

While some companies in the oil and gas industry are solely in the business of chemical products, Coil Chem is committed to creating full, performance-enhancing solutions that are better and safer for the environment. Under the experienced leadership of industry veteran Jerry Noles, Coil Chem develops innovative, laboratory-tested drill out, frac, and completion chemicals, high volume water treatment products, specialty chemicals, and an exclusive line of SoilChem environmental cleaning solutions.


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