November 2015

2015 | In Focus | November 2015Innovation in a Changing IndustryAcrowood

2015 | In Focus | November 2015

Innovation in a Changing Industry


Acrowood has been engineering and manufacturing heavy equipment for the forest products industry since 1892, when the Pacific Northwest’s logging industry was at its height. Backed by more than a century of experience, the Everett, Washington-based company specializes in large and high capacity machines to create, screen and clean wood chips, sawdust, and shavings.

2015 | In Focus | November 2015A Region on the RiseEau Claire, WI

2015 | In Focus | November 2015

A Region on the Rise

Eau Claire, WI

Located in Northwestern Wisconsin, just over an hour from Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Eau Claire has become Wisconsin’s epicenter of business growth and innovation. The area’s agricultural history remains a strong pillar of its economy, but today, Eau Claire is also home to a plethora of emerging, technologically-driven industries.

2015 | In Focus | November 2015A Place to GrowOconto County, WI

2015 | In Focus | November 2015

A Place to Grow

Oconto County, WI

Paul W. Ehrfurth, the executive director of the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation in Wisconsin, sees his county as unique, from its geography and its proximity to metropolitan areas, to its support of entrepreneurship and tourism. The Oconto County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC) is moving to increase interest and investment in the county.


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