November 2018

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Achieving 35 Years of Success through Specialty Products Extending the Life of LubricantsDes-Case

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Achieving 35 Years of Success through Specialty Products Extending the Life of Lubricants


Des-Case provides an array of solutions that protect the health and cleanliness of lubricants from contaminants in many applications including gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, pumps, and turbines. Its products protect and clean the lubricant throughout its entire lifecycle – from storage and handling, to modifying and sealing equipment and condition monitoring while in use.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018The Fastest and Most Efficient Ovens, WorldwideTurboChef Technologies

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

The Fastest and Most Efficient Ovens, Worldwide

TurboChef Technologies

TurboChef Technologies was the pioneer of rapid cooking technology when it was founded in 1991. It began by supplying rapid cook equipment to businesses that were not in the foodservice industry per se, such as movie theatre chains. Today, TurboChef has fifteen distinct product lines that it sells to many businesses involved in foodservice such as coffee and sandwich shops, cruise liners, and hotels.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Embracing the FutureBarton & Loguidice

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Embracing the Future

Barton & Loguidice

For almost 60 years, Barton & Loguidice (B&L) has provided clients with a range of engineering, environmental, landscape architecture, and planning services. Recognizing a need in the industry for their professional services, four engineers – Ed Barton, Kenneth R. Brown, James E. Clyde, and Frank A. Loguidice – made the bold move of leaving their existing jobs to create their own civil engineering enterprise back in 1961. Although business was slow at first, and necessities like office furniture practically nonexistent, they persevered, staying up many nights to realize their vision.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Making Big Things Happen on the Mighty IslandAspin Kemp and Associates

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Making Big Things Happen on the Mighty Island

Aspin Kemp and Associates

Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), established in 1996 by co-founders Jason Aspin and Neale Kemp, has its corporate headquarters in Montague, Prince Edward Island. Although a small company of 110 employees, it has developed strategies to address the world’s need for energy efficient power and propulsion systems. And AKA does so with efficiency and operational excellence in every project.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Electrifying the Mining Community

Manufacture Adria

Manufacture Adria is no stranger to the mining community. The company, which started out as an offshoot from another electrical contractor, has been a part of the industry for over a quarter of a century. The expertise that has been harnessed over this time, coupled with the growth and determination that comes with its newly independent status, has resulted in revolutionary new developments, not just for the company itself, but for the mining industry as a whole.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018A Unified Platform to Enhance the Complete Digital ExperienceBridgeline Digital

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

A Unified Platform to Enhance the Complete Digital Experience

Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline Unbound enables marketers to manage the complete customer journey for medium to large enterprises, multi-site networks, and franchise organizations in a streamlined and efficient way. Its innovative technology simplifies the process by which companies control branding and consistent messaging across multiple sites, while also providing the ability to tailor the sites on a local level for promotions and events.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Exciting Company Growth in a Budding IndustryOrganicures

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Exciting Company Growth in a Budding Industry


Organicures provides the production of high quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabis. All the cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products are one hundred percent organic, and it has its own innovative research and development laboratories. The company’s main goal is to consistently provide an incredible, quality product in all areas of the world that recognize the benefits of legalizing cannabis.


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