October 2018

2018 | In Focus | October 2018Breaking Old Habits of the Trucking IndustryGP Transco

2018 | In Focus | October 2018

Breaking Old Habits of the Trucking Industry

GP Transco

GP Transco, from Darien, Illinois, is one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the country. It has a fleet of 350 trucks and over 500 trailers, serving the U.S. and Canada. For GP Transco, the driver is the customer and receives the highest respect. This company is growing rapidly and is continuously hiring new drivers. We spoke with Chief Executive Officer Dominic Zastarskis and Director of Marketing Sergey Bort.

2018 | In Focus | October 2018“Nothing’s Ever Simple”Industrial & Crane Services

2018 | In Focus | October 2018

“Nothing’s Ever Simple”

Industrial & Crane Services

Industrial & Crane Services, Inc. (ICS) of Pascagoula, Mississippi has a heavy-lift and transport division, an industrial division, a ports division, an engineering and survey division, a fabrication and machining division, and a drive to succeed. The firm, which has completed projects across the United States, the Caribbean and as far afield as Africa, specializes in projects involving industrial cranes and lifting equipment. Business has been booming, particularly in the ports sector.

2018 | In Focus | October 2018Making Big MovesB&G Crane Service

2018 | In Focus | October 2018

Making Big Moves

B&G Crane Service

For a company to be successful and stay in business for over seventy years, it must have learned more than a few things along the way. B&G Crane Service, LLC has fine-tuned its services over the decades and is respected by its many clients, including industry titans like Exxon Mobil – the world’s biggest publicly-traded international oil and gas company – Phillips 66, and others who value B&G’s steadfast commitment to safety, maintenance, and reliability.


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