September 2018

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Training Tomorrow’s Workforce through Unconventional MeansMoraine Park Technical College

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Training Tomorrow’s Workforce through Unconventional Means

Moraine Park Technical College

For those interested in attending vocational school in the United States, there are well over a hundred to choose from. But Moraine Park Technical College, with its three campuses in the State of Wisconsin and over 100 career options to choose from, does many things differently from conventional trade schools and other institutions of post-secondary education.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Where the Economy and Partnerships ThriveDeKalb County Economic Development Authority

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Where the Economy and Partnerships Thrive

DeKalb County Economic Development Authority

There’s a lot going on in DeKalb County, Alabama, a pro-business community where the economy and partnerships thrive. Speaking with the team from the DeKalb County Economic Development Authority (DCEDA), one quickly gets a sense of the countless initiatives taking place and the multitude of partnerships that are fostering growth and prosperity in the county.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Committed to the CommunityTri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Committed to the Community

Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus

From its emergency department and outpatient surgery to inpatient services, women’s imaging and diagnostic center, renal dialysis center, highly-skilled medical specialists and a host of other medical clinics and services, Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus proudly and professionally serves a population of approximately sixty thousand people in Washington State’s Lewis-Clark Valley and surrounding areas.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Business Done Sunny Side UpDeb El Foods

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Business Done Sunny Side Up

Deb El Foods

While the rest of the world is still deciding whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first, this impressively large family business has scrambled its way to the top of the U.S. food industry with its superb range of quality assured, Liquid, Frozen, Dried, Hard Cooked & Pre-Cooked egg products used by small food service kitchens and institutions to some of the biggest international food manufacturers and distributors.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018With Solite® in the Mix, the Sky’s the LimitNortheast Solite Corporation

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

With Solite® in the Mix, the Sky’s the Limit

Northeast Solite Corporation

Northeast Solite’s timeline of success leads the way from gray to green to blue.

What do sustainable clean water filtration systems have in common with rooftop gardens, the United States Capitol, the Freedom Tower and concrete in many other American iconic landmarks? Solite® – an incredible manufactured aggregate that not only makes concrete better and lighter (gray) and helps to build sustainable urban environments by creating rooftop gardens (green), but is also securing the future of accessible clean water (blue).

2018 | In Focus | September 2018A Coating for Every NeedCANLAK

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

A Coating for Every Need


With more than 35 years of experience as an industrial wood coating manufacturer, CANLAK plays a leading role in the woodworking industry. CANLAK is a privately owned, Canadian company and its head office is located in Daveluyville, Quebec. With six facilities across Canada, as well as one in the U.S., the company specializes in innovative, top-of-the-line industrial coatings perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs.


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