Up in Smoke

Fighting Forest Fires Amidst a Changing Climate

Every summer, forest fires make headlines across North America, destroying millions of acres of trees and posing sudden and catastrophic threats to entire towns. In response, millions of dollars are spent to deal with the increasing risk of more significant wildfires due to climate change bringing longer, drier summers.

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The Stewards of SustainabilityMomentive Performance Materials

The Stewards of Sustainability

Momentive Performance Materials

Momentive Performance Materials was established as a brand in 2006, the result of the coming together of four different companies—including GE Advanced Materials—under one name in the silicones space. From its beginnings in private equity, Momentive developed its own unique brand name, culture, and positioning in the chemical industry over the ensuing decade-plus. Today, Momentive is potentially the only remaining pure silicones player in the world, according to Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, Thanos Yiagopoulos.

Liquid ExcellenceInline Filling Systems

Liquid Excellence

Inline Filling Systems

Based in Venice, Florida, Inline Filling Systems (IFS) manufactures custom turnkey liquid packaging arrays for everything from oils and extracts to uncarbonated drinks, food, chemicals, beauty products, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products—to name only a few.

Expanding Its North American Footprint

Expanding Its North American Footprint

GROB Systems, Inc. (pronounced ‘Grow-buh’) is in the midst of a massive expansion. The manufacturing equipment provider, specializing in machining centers, industrial software, automated pallet systems, and other solutions, is headquartered in Mindelheim, Germany with a site in Bluffton, Ohio. The Bluffton branch is growing rapidly to fulfill demand from clients in the e-mobility sector.

To Make a Northwest PassageMelting Arctic Ice Forges New Trade Routes

To Make a Northwest Passage

Melting Arctic Ice Forges New Trade Routes

While the world has been inundated with repeated warnings regarding the effects of climate change if world leaders fail to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 43 years, we’re already experiencing several devastating shifts. Along with record-breaking heat waves and turbulent storms, climate models predict the Arctic will see...

A City Where You Have the Time for the Moments That MatterSaskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

A City Where You Have the Time for the Moments That Matter

Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

Discussing the many advantages of living and working in Saskatoon, Erin Lawson says that for her, just one reason is the “three-song commute”—the length of time it takes to get just about anywhere in Saskatoon. With less time on the road commuting each day, you have more time to enjoy moments that matter, time for yourself, your family, and your community.

The Future of RecyclingCaglia Environmental

The Future of Recycling

Caglia Environmental

Caglia Environmental is a family-owned waste disposal and recycling business with a solid track record of leadership within the industry. After highlighting the company’s innovative approach in 2017 and 2022, Business in Focus sat down with the team again this month to hear the latest developments.

A Brewing and Distilling Equipment Expert Continues to InnovateSpecific Mechanical Systems

A Brewing and Distilling Equipment Expert Continues to Innovate

Specific Mechanical Systems

Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd., a Victoria, British Columbia-based company that designs, manufactures, and installs brewing and distilling equipment, has expanded its automation processes and market reach since it was profiled in November 2022 in Business in Focus magazine. In the face of significant technical challenges, the company has automated its already innovative distillation system.

Ahead of the Curve in Sustainable Building PracticesCushing Terrell

Ahead of the Curve in Sustainable Building Practices

Cushing Terrell

There is a quote attributed to Wayne Gretzky that you have likely seen in PowerPoint presentations. It is the one about skating to where the puck is going, rather than where it is. In hockey, Gretzky seemed to have a preternatural ability to anticipate the best place to be. In business, Cushing Terrell has that same knack.

Architecture for Animals – Design for Every LifeAnimal Arts Design Studios

Architecture for Animals – Design for Every Life

Animal Arts Design Studios

When thinking about architecture and building design, we know much time and thought goes into creating sound, healthy, and attractive structures for people, but what about housing for our animal friends? Animal Arts Design Studios specializes exclusively in animal care design, including animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, with a proven track record of success with more than 1,500 projects in 40 U.S. states, Canada, and overseas, ranging in size from 600 to 110,000 square feet.

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing ShortageA-LINX Building Technologies

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing Shortage

A-LINX Building Technologies

A-LINX Building Technologies, headquartered in Ontario, offers comprehensive contracting services specializing in the prefabrication of roof trusses and both exterior and interior load-bearing wall systems. Through its innovative approach, A-LINX enables clients to achieve faster and more cost-effective completion of superstructures compared to traditional construction methods.

Powering Tomorrow Through Unrivaled Solutions TodayCollicutt Energy

Powering Tomorrow Through Unrivaled Solutions Today

Collicutt Energy

One of the top producers of customized power generation machinery, Collicutt Energy Services Corp. provides high-efficiency prime power CHP systems to standby power units, and engineers, designs, and produces complete power solutions. To ensure power solutions are the best in their class, the company’s technical and manufacturing teams continually strive to improve the quality of products and services while fostering strategic alliances that guarantee strong, capable and reliable results.

From Here to ThereManaging Sustainable Supply Chains

From Here to There

Managing Sustainable Supply Chains

Once, supply chain management was primarily about logistics—delivering raw materials to manufacturers and processers and finished products to retailers, and doing it on time and cost-effectively. While those are still critical factors, industries around the world from manufacturing and construction to hospitality and retail now face pressure from governments, shareholders, and consumers to ensure end products support environmental and societal values and are as sustainable as possible.

Making a MomA Look at Perinatal Care in Canada

Making a Mom

A Look at Perinatal Care in Canada

Canada is recognized as part of the developed world where quality of life standards are high, but this reputation is slowly (or quickly, depending on your experience) sinking into decline. This is true of social determinants of health like education, housing, food insecurity, and especially health care, particularly for women, women of colour, and low-income individuals.


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