Growth Driven by a Legacy of Quality and Service

Calhoun Super Structure
Written by Allison Dempsey

From a single concept to an international manufacturing company specializing in engineered fabric buildings, Calhoun Super Structure provides more than a century of collective expertise from a team of experienced professionals who bring leadership and accountability to every project.

With project experience ranging from mining sites to fertilizer and composting operations, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, retail stores, temporary housing, salt sheds, and more, Calhoun delivers engineered tension fabric structures solutions that meet the varied needs of businesses, public works professionals, and wholesalers across North America.

The company’s top-tier engineered fabric structures work for a host of industrial applications for more effective storage areas and production facilities while providing a stronger, longer-lasting structure that’s durable, energy-efficient, and easy to install. Additionally, because of the fabric’s natural light, clients immediately save on electricity bills compared to conventional steel or wood buildings.

Currently in its second generation of ownership, Calhoun Super Structure is a family-operated enterprise founded in 1992 and based in Canada under the direction of Jeremy Calhoun, the company’s President and CEO.

“Calhoun Super Structure began as Calhoun Agri Service Ltd. in Chesley, Ontario, founded by my father, Leonard Calhoun,” says Jeremy Calhoun. “The fabric structures were sold as hay covers to local farmers. As local farmers aged, they ran into difficulty pulling hay covers over the hay. Calhoun began building small, year-round structures up to 32 feet wide by 70 feet long and grew from there.”

After repeated requests for larger structures, Calhoun “really took off” in 2001 when it re-positioned itself as a manufacturing company that engineered custom fabric structures.

Calhoun Super Structure’s customer service is a vital part of its business and project execution. Through its customer-centric approach, the company is devoted to upholding its responsibilities and commitments in everything it does, and collaborates with all stakeholders to bring greater value to customers. Dedicated to providing satisfaction and peace of mind, Calhoun Super Structure challenges conventional thinking and takes pride in providing high-quality products and services to each client. This is particularly evident in the company’s approach to how the structures are designed and engineered.

The company’s engineers employ a rigorous, site-specific review process for every fabric structure Calhoun produces. Calhoun has demonstrated that a site-specific review is the only method to design an efficient and reliable fabric structure, so Calhoun engineers evaluate site pictures, satellite imagery, and terrain topography in relation to the orientation and location of each building to ensure that the correct building code parameters are applied. Calhoun goes well beyond the standard generally followed in tension fabric structures by using the most comprehensive analysis procedures in the industry.

Calhoun utilizes proprietary 3D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis to simulate the behaviour of its structures. A nonlinear analysis is required to simulate the behaviour of tension-only bracing and deflections of the fabric membrane. Calhoun uses this advanced simulation to validate compliance with the relevant building code for each structure. Calhoun also uses the output of the simulation to provide accurate, detailed base reactions for the foundation designer.

Calhoun has developed its procedures over decades, in partnership with a team of industry expert designers and engineers. Finally, every Calhoun structure is reviewed by an independent, third-party engineer to ensure the impartiality of the design work.

“Calhoun’s own proprietary engineering methods set us apart from the competition and are our key competitive advantage,” says Dan Dalzell, Director of Sales & Operations. “We model the true behaviour of fabric relative to environmental factors using our unique 3D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis. And our method produces the most reliable fabric structures to meet customers’ precise location requirements, resulting in a quicker return on investment and the longest-standing structure in the industry.”

Determined to maintain its position at the cutting edge of development and customer satisfaction, Calhoun’s new Compression Coupler Plus (CC+) Series was recently developed to provide even more cost-effective building solutions.

“Calhoun’s new Compression Coupler Plus (CC+) Series was built on similar principals to Calhoun’s popular Compression Coupler (CC) Series but engineered to take on larger widths and heavier loads in an economical manner,” says Dalzell.

Consisting of three profiles ranging from 80 to 100 feet wide and with different leg heights for applications where the adaptability of Calhoun’s VP Series isn’t required, this new line comes standard with 4-foot-deep trusses, 4-inch round chords, a classic rounded arch, hot-dipped galvanized steel frames, and 12 oz. high-density polyethylene keder-panel fabric cover.

“Optional 2- to 5-foot eave bunker covers and roof vent support systems can be added to the structure, and installed on I-beam legs, helical anchors, or various concrete mounts,” Dalzell adds. “The CC+ line is most suitable for customers looking for a robust yet cost-efficient option.”

In keeping with its commitment to ongoing expansion and innovation in the industry, Calhoun is also excited about the completion of sister company, Blue Mountain Covers’, new production facility in Dundalk, Ontario earlier this year.

“Blue Mountain Covers’ new facility has opened the doors to many possibilities,” says Sean Calhoun, owner of Blue Mountain Covers. “Our business has changed over recent years, with more covers being produced for larger-scale projects. Larger projects require larger covers which require more floor space.” The new facility allowed Blue Mountain Covers to increase its throughput by 25 percent in the first few months.

Blue Mountain Covers is also investing in a new cutting-edge machine that will support the company’s goal of producing covers three times faster while taking up less floor space, allowing the team to continue to produce standard and large covers simultaneously, improving throughput substantially.

“With the incredible gains in efficiency, the new machine will allow us to venture into different business sectors we might not have considered before,” Calhoun says. “We’re excited about how this will help grow the future of both Blue Mountain Covers and Calhoun Super Structure.”

This continued innovation and progression has been recognized within the industry as well. With impressive growth over the last three years, Calhoun continues to meet the demands of clients while serving a myriad of industries—from aviation to fertilizer.

“Since first being recognized in 2022 as one of Canada’s top growing companies, Calhoun has opened an additional 10,000-square-foot manufacturing plant to keep up with demand,” says Deanna Hope, Director of Marketing. “It’s an honour to be named as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by Report on Business magazine for the second year in a row. We’ve seen significant growth over the past few years, from our ever-growing dealer network to the expansion of our manufacturing plant. Calhoun earned its spot with three-year growth of 106 percent.”

To maintain this growth, the company is aiming to reach some other milestones shortly. “In the upcoming years, we aim to continue to improve the efficiency in our manufacturing, penetrate new industries, and expand our product base,” says Hope. The company also works hard to provide clients with additional value by offering flexible payment plans and a 25-year warranty on its elite fabric.

By listening to the needs of clients, establishing trust, offering superior customer service, and providing consistent quality in all products, Calhoun takes great pride in maintaining dedication to these principles.



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