There’s a Logistics Revolution Taking Place – And It’s Built on Trust

Revolution Trucking
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

In just five years, Revolution Trucking, LLC has earned the trust of customers across America and internationally. Based in the city of Wadsworth, Ohio, Revolution is recognized as an extraordinarily reliable, premier logistics and transportation provider.

“We don’t sell capacity, we sell solutions,” as the company puts it, and it has earned its place with clients in today’s fast-paced world where logistics makes all the difference between success and failure.

No comparison
For company Vice President Kevin Bemiller, there is simply no comparing companies that offer basic transportation to the well-honed, professional services offered by Revolution. With its unique hybrid transportation model incorporating an asset-based carrier, full-service broker services, “and a 3PL for managed transportation services,” Revolution is a leading, highly trusted Logistics Service Provider (LSP).

“We are air freight, ocean freight, heavily expedited freight, and all over the road, domestic and international,” Bemiller explains.

Revolution was founded in 2019 by professionals in the transportation space, primarily in operations. With expertise in areas such as IT Asset Management (ITAM), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and Supply Management (in which he is a Certified Professional), Bemiller was brought on board to grow customer relationships, sales, front-facing elements of the company, and Revolution’s brand.

The company was in business for a brief time before it faced COVID, the worst pandemic in a century. Not only did Revolution have to deal with serious shipping disruptions, but some customers went bankrupt. Determined to succeed, the Revolution team kept going for months, until the world began opening up again. “We were impacted, but it’s something we were able to work through,” says Bemiller. “We were able to be efficient through the pandemic and come out on the other side in a very positive light.”

Exceptional performance
Revolution Trucking’s reputation speaks for itself, from its 99.3 percent on-time performance to its 99.9 percent control tower uptime; a net promoter score of 91.0 percent; and an exceptional 99.4 percent customer retention rate.

“We are an asset-based LSP, and want people to see we are not just a broker,” says Bemiller. “We own our own trucks, and we use partners as well.”

Customers in manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, technology, consumer goods, technology (including IT, full server farms, and data centers), pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clothing and apparel, infrastructure, and the military count on Revolution for its world-class, professional services.

On time for the Fortune 500
Counting many Fortune 500 companies among its clients, Revolution is often praised for its work. The company was recently commended by BorgWarner Inc., known as one of the world’s biggest suppliers of automotive powertrain components. In April, Revolution achieved 100 percent on-time pick-up and delivery.

“‘Time-sensitive’ and ‘mission-critical’ are two key terms I often like to present,” says Bemiller. “Everybody can pick up and deliver; I get that. They can be late and say whatever they want. But we solely exist in a space to build a better mousetrap—which is why we started Revolution—to provide solutions customers need but often didn’t even know they needed,” he explains.

“We do a lot of the front-end work versus just booking trucks. That is what we are as an LSP; we provide the whole solution. It’s the little things that make us different.”

Much of Revolution’s success comes down to client communication and building trust. This is especially important in disaster relief situations, including work with the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA. “It’s a unique niche that we have,” says Bemiller, “and we earn trust through customers of ours who are delivering to those sites.”

This includes one of the world’s most respected tool makers and manufacturers for the U.S. military. “No one in government is going to just pick a business like us out of the air and say, ‘help us.’ We’re only as good as our last shipment, and you’ve got to earn the right to every shipment.”

The highest standards
Revolution Trucking serves all 50 states including Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Island territory of Guam. The company takes on full-service international projects including air, ocean, and container work. Along with safety staff, the company also prides itself on its own fleet services and representatives across America.

A believer in raising up people and providing opportunities for growth, Revolution is a disabled-owned business and is certified through Disability:IN, the world’s leading non-profit resource focused on business disability inclusion. “Revolution is certified as a Disability-Owned Business, showcasing its dedication to diversity and inclusion in the business and professional employment world,” says Bemiller.

The company is an active member of the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA) (formerly ISRI—the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Along with holding ISN® and ISO 9001:2015 certification, Revolution also has SmartWay certification.

Representing an innovative collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry, SmartWay certification is “designed to help businesses learn to move goods in the cleanest, most energy-efficient ways possible, increasing efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution, and protecting public health,” says Bemiller.

Dedicated to sustainability, Revolution continues to actively implement initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes using fuel-efficient vehicles, exploring alternative fuels and renewable energy sources, reducing mileage by optimizing route planning, and promoting driver training on eco-driving techniques.

Staying on track
In the transportation sector, timing is critical. By utilizing advanced tracking systems—including route optimization software, real-time communication tools, and predictive analytics—Revolution ensures 99.3 percent on-time performance. “These technologies enable proactive monitoring of shipments, efficient planning, and quick response to any unforeseen challenges, minimizing delays,” says Bemiller.

Recognizing that customer needs are unique, Revolution custom-tailors transportation solutions for every client. Providing customers with a dedicated control tower and impeccable service standards, the company’s experienced operations team can handle even the most complex logistics scenarios, and moves critical freight on time and on target, with zero exceptions.

“Choosing less qualified carriers can pose several risks for customers, including increased likelihood of shipment delays, loss or damage to goods, safety and compliance issues, poor communication, and higher overall costs due to inefficiencies,” comments Bemiller. “Partnering with reputable and experienced carriers like Revolution mitigates these risks and ensures reliable and secure transportation services.”

The future looks promising for Revolution Trucking, which remains committed to continued growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional transportation solutions. As the company expands its service offerings, enhances operational efficiency, and embraces emerging technologies, it will undoubtedly further reinforce its position as a leader in the transportation industry.

Says Bemiller, “This comprehensive approach to certification, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions sets Revolution Trucking apart in the transportation industry, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for all clients and stakeholders.”



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