2019 | Business News | In Focus | May 2019A Look at the Biggest Trade Show in GamingE3

2019 | Business News | In Focus | May 2019

A Look at the Biggest Trade Show in Gaming


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is a long-running trade event for the computer and video game industry, one that has become perhaps the most notable of its kind. The event began in 1995 as a response to the burgeoning growth of the gaming industry and was started by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade association established to oversee the gaming industry in the wake of controversies surrounding violent and mature content in video games.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusReady, Set, GrowTalon Innovations/Ichor Precision Machining

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Ready, Set, Grow

Talon Innovations/Ichor Precision Machining

Four years ago, Business in Focus explored the world of semiconductors through the lens of Minnesota-based Talon Innovations, a manufacturer of machined parts and complex assemblies for semiconductor tools. At the time, the company had been on a steady growth path with a plan to fully execute an acquisition, after which it would focus on the two primary goals of diversification and added capacity. We recently touched base with this ambitious company to see if it achieved its goals and find out what its plans are for 2019 and beyond.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Not Just ‘Nationwide’Nationwide Boiler Incorporated

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Not Just ‘Nationwide’

Nationwide Boiler Incorporated

Nationwide Boiler Incorporated has rented and sold boilers and related equipment to clients in six continents and provided essential equipment to restore steam services after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, the company attributes its longevity to a simple combination of excellent products and quality service. The Fremont, California-based firm has also developed an expertise in environmentally friendly boiler solutions.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Celtic Charm in the Big AppleThe Playwright Irish Pubs

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Celtic Charm in the Big Apple

The Playwright Irish Pubs

If you are a tourist, a sports fan, a city resident or simply looking for a good place to get a drink and a hearty meal in a convivial atmosphere, you might want to check out the Playwright Irish Pub chain in Manhattan. There are three locations in total: the Playwright Irish Pub, the Playwright Celtic Pub and the Playwright Tavern. While each facility is slightly different, all offer the same spirit of casual comfort and hospitality.

2016 | December 2016 | In Focus

Tackling Substantial Projects

Duffy Crane & Hauling

In business, bigger is often better, especially when it comes to the ability to safely haul oversized objects such as gigantic electrical transformers. Few realize this better than Duffy Crane & Hauling. The company was founded in 1886 in Denver and is one of oldest companies in the western state of Colorado and one of the top 120 continuously operating, privately held companies in the United States. The business has come a long way since the days of using horse-drawn covered wagons to transport items from one location to another…

2016 | December 2016 | In FocusIndependence through MobilityRide Right

2016 | December 2016 | In Focus

Independence through Mobility

Ride Right

Ride Right has asserted itself as a driving force in the U.S. transportation sector. Fueled by a compassionate focus on delivering service with dignity, understanding, and respect, the company has improved access and quality of life for transit-dependent Americans nationwide with one goal in mind: helping them arrive at their destinations on time, safely, and with world-class service.

ArchivedCome Home to Tillamook CountyTillamook County


Come Home to Tillamook County

Tillamook County

There are many reasons to choose Tillamook County. The quality of life is unmatched and offers most of the services and amenities of a larger population center. It works to create a business-friendly environment while marketing the recreational paradise for those who desire the lifestyle associated with coastal Oregon living.

2016 | December 2016 | In FocusWhere Business is Good… Life is BetterUnion County, OR

2016 | December 2016 | In Focus

Where Business is Good… Life is Better

Union County, OR

The Grande Ronde Valley in Union County, Oregon, has a rich history. Surrounded by the Blue Mountains, the valley was known as the “Valley of Peace” and inhabited by indigenous peoples of the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla and Shoshone tribes. Pioneers began to settle along the historic Oregon Trail when gold was discovered in the impressive surroundings of the Blue Mountains in 1862. It was not long before Union County also became known for other natural resources including the agriculture, forestry and ranching upon which its economy was founded.


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