Neil Anderson

State Surveillance

State Surveillance

Not Just a Personal Privacy Problem

Sometimes it seems like the world has gone mad. Perfectly intelligent (I use the word advisedly) political representatives have, over the last couple of years, taken leave of their senses when it comes to encryption, state surveillance, and privacy.
From the US to the UK and Australia, governments are doing their best to implement surveillance laws that would make the Oceanic government of Orwell’s 1984 look like a beacon of openness and transparency. This creates a problem not only for law-abiding citizens within these polities, but also for national and trans-national businesses.

Defending your Business in the Digital Age

Defending your Business in the Digital Age

SMEs are Juicy Targets for Cyber Criminals

The problems associated with running a small business are many and varied: are your customers going to pay your invoices in time? Do you have enough work to hire that extra person? Is your supply chain robust enough to deal with sudden changes in demand? Up until recently, there wasn’t much chance that cyber security was on the list of typical worries for a small business owner, but that’s changing…
Alongside our increased reliance on the Internet and connectivity has come an exposure to greater risk, as cyber criminals cotton on to the fact that SMEs have virtually no budget available to protect themselves from attacks. The upshot of this is that SMEs are more of a target than ever for sophisticated and highly organised criminals, who use our reliance on computer systems – intended to make doing business easier – against us.

Wireless is Still a Security Concern

Wireless is Still a Security Concern

and the Internet of Things is Making It Worse

Wifi has become the primary connection method for most of our computing devices these days. Whether laptop, tablet, games console or phone, pretty much all of our devices use some kind of wireless connection.
Up to now, the security of those connections has only really been of concern to those of us who are professionally paranoid, and large organisations wishing to offer enterprise mobility solutions. Within the enterprise, security solutions for wireless have typically focused on ease of use over security. The result has been a lacklustre record for wireless connectivity in security terms, and a broad mistrust by security professionals.


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