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Safe TravelsTourism in the Pandemic Age

Safe Travels

Tourism in the Pandemic Age

Last fall, a couple decided to do a whale watching tour off tiny Brier Island in south-western Nova Scotia, Canada. The area is known for its bird watching, whales in the Bay of Fundy, and the occasional seal popping its head up to say hello. The couple wondered how crowded the fifty-foot boat might be and how close they would be to other passengers, bouncing over the waves.

Putting the Customer FirstMDS of Michigan

Putting the Customer First

MDS of Michigan

In looking through the inventory list at the website for MDS of Michigan, you will find a whole list of items that you may have never encountered before. When you read that list – motors, chains, sprockets, bearings, belts – you could be forgiven for thinking you are reading an automotive list. However, this company has been a distributor of power transmission goods to farms, food processors, OEMs, and numerous other industries for thirty years.



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