August 2016

2016 | August 2016 | In FocusGreen Energy for Today and TomorrowAll Energy Solar

2016 | August 2016 | In Focus

The Future of Green Energy

All Energy Solar

Solar energy is rapidly becoming a mature, viable means of providing clean, green power for household, large and small business, government, commercial and even agricultural applications. There have been rapid advances in solar technology, and prices of products such as rooftop-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar systems continue to drop…

2016 | August 2016 | In FocusPoking Around the PoconosPocono Mountains Economic Development Corporation

2016 | August 2016 | In Focus

Poking Around the Poconos

Pocono Mountains Economic Development Corporation

Commonly referred to as the Poconos, this mountain range lies in northeastern Pennsylvania. The wooded hills and valleys have long been a popular vacation destination lined with hotels and filled with a plethora of recreational opportunities. It is an area that sells itself, but the economic development organization is keen to continue as responsible stewards of the land with a goal to bring in more business without compromising its pristine nature and area.

2016 | August 2016 | In FocusThe Path to PaperlessWhy the Healthcare World Needs a Digital Transformation

2016 | August 2016 | In Focus

The Path to Paperless

Why the Healthcare World Needs a Digital Transformation

Paper has long played an important role in the administration of healthcare systems around the world. Despite technological advancements and innovations in medical processes and electronic medical records systems, paper-based alternatives remain the predominate methods adopted by healthcare administrators. Given the benefits of paperless systems, the question that remains is, why?


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