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Promoting Aquaculture with Advocacy and ActionThe Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association

Promoting Aquaculture with Advocacy and Action

The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association

The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA) has been keeping busy with advocacy, public education, and conferences, among other activities, since Resource in Focus last profiled the organization in May of 2022. The ACFFA, which represents Atlantic Canada’s salmon farming sector, has also been enjoying the transition “back to a normal work environment,” now that the worst of COVID is hopefully over, says Executive Director Susan Farquharson.

Family Trucking Firm Changes Its Name and Ups Its GameSFX Transport

Family Trucking Firm Changes Its Name and Ups Its Game

SFX Transport

There have been major changes at the East Coast trucking company that went by the name Seafood Express Transport when Business in Focus profiled the company in March 2021. For a start, the family-run business is now called SFX Transport, to better reflect the type of goods it hauls and to modernize the company moniker.

Hemp for HealthGreen Wellness Life

Hemp for Health

Green Wellness Life

Green Wellness Life distributes a wide array of cannabis-based goods, used primarily for health and healing. None of its wares—sold online and at a retail outlet in Caledonia, Michigan—will get you high.

Building Capacity in Anticipation of Massive GrowthPolyplex USA

Building Capacity in Anticipation of Massive Growth

Polyplex USA

Polyplex USA LLC, the Decatur, Alabama-based branch of Polyplex Corporation of India, is poised for massive growth. This major producer of polyethylene terephthalate—aka polyester or PET—film used in packaging and industrial applications wants to expand its capacity, market share, product line, personnel, and facilities.

Celebrating a Milestone with New Products and Big GoalsPerformance Plastics Ltd.

Celebrating a Milestone with New Products and Big Goals

Performance Plastics Ltd.

Performance Plastics Ltd. (PPL) of Cincinnati, Ohio marked its fortieth anniversary this year as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance thermoplastic components. The company works with specialized polymers and tight tolerances, and follows rigorous quality assurance protocols. It anticipates big growth shortly, based on its wealth of experience and cutting-edge products such as EnduroSharp® aerospace maintenance tools.

Sunny Skies AheadTown of Gilbert, AZ

Sunny Skies Ahead

Town of Gilbert, AZ

In recent years, the Town of Gilbert, Arizona has experienced explosive growth while earning an enviable reputation as a productive, low-crime community with many charms. Once a sleepy agricultural community, the booming town is now home to over 271,000 residents. Its municipal government works hard to assist companies and maintain growth through careful planning and strategic investments.

Innovative Construction Firm Continues to Take New PathsNew Path Construction and Consulting

Innovative Construction Firm Continues to Take New Paths

New Path Construction and Consulting

New Path Construction and Consulting has taken some, well, new paths since Construction in Focus profiled this innovative firm in April 2021. From launching a low-voltage division to spinning off a cutting-edge design business, work has continued apace at this Hanover Park, Illinois-based company. Most significantly, New Path has received some major industry recognition, placing 39th on the Inc. magazine list of the Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies in the Midwest, 2022.

Big Expansion Means Enhanced Client ServiceContemporary Office Interiors (COI)

Big Expansion Means Enhanced Client Service

Contemporary Office Interiors (COI)

Contemporary Office Interiors (COI) has gone national following a merger and acquisition that dramatically extended the contract furniture firm’s market reach. Announced on February 1, the merger with Business Interiors and purchase of Workplace Resource, both of Toronto, has transformed COI into “the leading contract furniture dealer in Canada,” reports a company press release. Thanks to the expansion, the business has grown from 130 employees to 210.

Saving Money and the Environment by Restoring Damaged ElectronicsAREPA

Saving Money and the Environment by Restoring Damaged Electronics


It is a common nightmare for anyone who owns a manufacturing or industrial plant that a disaster—natural or otherwise—strikes their facility, damaging specialized technical equipment. The inclination, in such situations, is to throw out any damaged electronics and buy replacements. If a company wants to save time and money, however, they could contact disaster recovery experts AREPA instead.

Enhanced Safety, Performance and ProductivityTelematics Solutions for Smarter Trucking

Enhanced Safety, Performance and Productivity

Telematics Solutions for Smarter Trucking

In decades past, long-distance commercial truckers faced limited options when it came to communicating with fleet operations managers. Once they hit the highway, truck drivers could radio in their location, mileage, and other performance indicators—provided they had a radio and clear reception. Beyond reports from the driver, there was no way an operations manager could monitor real-time truck performance while back in the office.

This Joint Venture Has Big Plans for GrowthArtiFlex Manufacturing

This Joint Venture Has Big Plans for Growth

ArtiFlex Manufacturing

From its Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters, ArtiFlex Manufacturing, an innovative, vertically integrated enterprise, has big plans for growth based on partnerships with other businesses. The firm’s name—an amalgam of artisan and flexible—summarizes its unique approach to design and manufacturing, with the company organized into four groups devoted to innovation, tooling, automation, and manufacturing.

Moving ForwardGlobe Food Equipment

Moving Forward

Globe Food Equipment

These are busy times at Globe Food Equipment Corporation, a Dayton, Ohio-based firm which designs and manufactures commercial kitchen equipment. Since Business in Focus profiled Globe in October 2018, the company has introduced new products, adjusted to the market realities of COVID, and taken up distribution duties for a company called Varimixer.

Growing, Dreaming and BuildingThe Town of Davie, FL

Growing, Dreaming and Building

The Town of Davie, FL

A spirit of community and growth pervades the Town of Davie, located in Broward County, Florida, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. The Town responded decisively when the virus struck, protecting residents and helping businesses. Now that the worst of the pandemic has hopefully passed, Davie is eager to finish a series of large capital projects and launch new developments.

WiredThe Internet of Things and the Connectivity of Modern Life


The Internet of Things and the Connectivity of Modern Life

Once viewed as the stuff of science fiction movies, ‘connected’ consumer goods have become ubiquitous. Using ‘smart devices,’ homeowners can remotely program their coffee makers and barbecues, download directions in the car and automate chores such as watering the garden. Smart gadgets connect via an online network known as the Internet of Things (IoT) to relay data and receive commands.

Family-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its Business

Hightowers Petroleum Company

Hightowers Petroleum Company (HPC) has successfully adapted to the challenges posed by COVID and shifting energy markets. Incorporated in 1984, this Middletown, Ohio-based, family-run gas and diesel wholesaler, profiled in the July 2019 issue of Business in Focus magazine, continues to be a leading African-American-owned fuel company, primarily serving the downstream petroleum sector.



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