2016 | In Focus | November 2016A Better Consumer Health Experience Begins with a Good Total Business ModelConcentrix Corporation

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

A Better Consumer Health Experience Begins with a Good Total Business Model

Concentrix Corporation

The healthcare industry continues to grow and face new challenges, creating an ongoing need for innovative, up-to-date solutions that drive down administrative costs while improving medical loss ratios. Global healthcare spend already makes up 10.6 percent of the gross domestic product and this spend is forecast to grow more than 5 percent annually as the number of people aged 60 and above rises from 12 percent of the population in 2013 to 21 percent in 2050. To meet the increasing demands, the industry must integrate new technology solutions to improve efficiency and develop new delivery models…

2016 | In Focus | November 2016Innovative Healthcare SolutionsCanadian Hospital Specialties

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Canadian Hospital Specialties

Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, Canadian Hospital Specialties (CHS) is a premier supplier of medical and surgical products including patient care trays, specialty IV extension sets and other tubing products as well as neonatal, intravenous, anaesthesia, critical care and operating room supplies. We spoke with Director-Brand Development MedRx Vince Morelli, Executive Vice President-Sales Gary Enns and Chief Executive Officer Mike Canzoneri to learn more…

2016 | In Focus | November 2016Pioneering the Future of HempCV Sciences

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

Pioneering the Future of Hemp

CV Sciences

For decades, the health benefits of hemp products have been known. Hemp has long been recognized for its nutritional value, but in recent years, the plant has taken on an estimated 25,000 new uses. Today, hemp has been developed into food, textiles, fuels and more. With the emergence of new research and technology, the potential of hemp has evolved tremendously, and CV Sciences has been at the forefront of this hemp revolution.

2016 | In Focus | November 2016Growing a Positive CultureEuflora Cannabis Dispensary

2016 | In Focus | November 2016

Growing a Positive Culture

Euflora Cannabis Dispensary

When we last spoke with Jamie Perino, owner of Euflora Cannabis Dispensary, she talked about the ins and outs of the newly legalized marijuana and the state of the industry. A lot has changed since then, and we are pleased to report that Euflora now possesses its own greenhouse. The cynics of legalizing the recreational drug have largely become a thing of the past, and the industry is evolving into new holistic directions.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Optimal Solutions for Every ClientITS Compliance

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Optimal Solutions for Every Client

ITS Compliance

Founded in 1983, ITS Compliance Inc offers personalized service throughout the United States and Canada. Experts in finding cost-effective solutions in regulatory compliance and risk management for transportation fleets, ITS Compliance is one of the most flexible companies in the industry, with an unfaltering mission to provide leadership in cost-effective transportation management services.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Toronto Tech Firm Enjoys Industry Honours, Fast Growth and a Huge InvestmentNulogy

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Toronto Tech Firm Enjoys Industry Honours, Fast Growth and a Huge Investment


Headquartered in Toronto, Nulogy develops software solutions for contract packagers, that is, companies that take various products through the packaging process. Nulogy “manages the complexities of mass customization … we make it simpler for brand owners to promote and confidently launch products into specific market segments, while controlling supply-chain costs and ensuring compliance with industry standards,” explains Nulogy Chief Executive Officer Jason Tham.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Relationships and InnovationTimeLine Logistic

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Relationships and Innovation

TimeLine Logistic

TimeLine Logistic was launched in 2010 and had its sights set on the on the front of the end of the nuclear fuel cycle from the beginning. “We do everything from hauling the ore out of Saskatoon here to taking fuel into the power plants. With the depressed market in oil and gas, this past year’s been a struggle, but we’ve been able to keep our core customers, and with our nuclear business being ready to come online, it’s actually been able to boost us up and help compensate for the depressed oil market,” says President Troy Stimpson.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Wireless Solutions Revolutionize Oil & Gas MeasurementOleumTech Corporation

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Wireless Solutions Revolutionize Oil & Gas Measurement

OleumTech Corporation

OleumTech®, of Foothill Ranch, California, offers innovative wireless solutions for industrial systems involving process monitoring and control applications. The firm’s products—designed and manufactured in the United States—have radically transformed how oil and gas companies make measurements in the field. Proprietary wireless technology, designed to automate and reduce the cost of industrial measurement and monitoring, is one of the keys to the company’s success.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Specialization, Strategy and the Science of Win-WinSkeena Resources

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Specialization, Strategy and the Science of Win-Win

Skeena Resources

When Walter Coles Jr., the CEO of Skeena Resources, discusses the junior mining company’s Chairman of the Board Ron Netolitzky, he speaks in the slightly hushed tones reserved for the legendary. As Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky enjoy membership in the Hockey Hall of Fame, Ron earned a similar distinction in the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame when he was inducted in 2015. Mr. Netolitzky has also been honoured with the Prospector of the Year Award from the PDAC (Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) and Developer of the Year Award from the BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016On The RiseBenjamin Foods

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

On The Rise

Benjamin Foods

Benjamin Foods’ President/Chief Executive Officer, Howard Klayman’s out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ways have gotten Benjamin Foods to where it is today. More than anything, Howard’s passion has built this Hatboro, Pennsylvania-based food distribution company into a growing industry presence while in just its 10th year of existence.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Opportunities AboundGadsden County, FL

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Opportunities Abound

Gadsden County, FL

Gadsden County, located in Northwest Florida, is part of the Tallahassee metro area and offers many opportunities for companies looking to do business in the southeastern US. The Gadsden County Development Council (GCDC) is committed to leveraging the county’s strategic assets to strengthen the local economy. Executive Director Beth Kirkland spoke with us about the assets and initiatives that make Gadsden County an ideal location for doing business.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Growing the FutureCity of Miami Gardens

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Growing the Future

City of Miami Gardens

Oliver G. Gilbert became the Mayor of Miami Gardens in 2012, merely nine years after the City came into being in 2003. “My mom still stays here in the house that I grew up in. I bought the home I lived in until I was ten (10) years old from my parents and live there with my son. My sisters still live in the city as well,” he says. “I went to elementary, middle, and high school here; I’m really a small town kid. I want people to see the Miami Gardens that I see. We can look at where we were twenty years ago and compare it to where we are now and look forward to where we can be.”

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Beyond Traditional Economic DevelopmentA Competitive Vision for Pasco County, FL

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Beyond Traditional Economic Development

A Competitive Vision for Pasco County, FL

Pasco County taps into the culture and vibrancy that is West Central Florida yet maintains its own unique character as a thriving business center. Under the leadership of a highly experienced team of professionals with decades of cumulative knowledge in business development, international trade, economic development and team building, the Pasco Economic Development Council devises unique and highly practical strategies to attract a range of businesses to this scenic Florida county.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Opportunity in Northern MichiganOsceola County, MI

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Opportunity in Northern Michigan

Osceola County, MI

Osceola County is in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, approximately sixty-five miles from Grand Rapids. It is an area which is very accessible through US-10 and US-131 and boasts a low cost of living and doing business. It has a desirable unemployment rate of 5.2 percent, with growth in industrial parks poised to decrease that number further. We spoke with Community & Economic Development Coordinator Dan Massy about the potential of the county.


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