September 2017

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Your Complete Partner in MetalsWinchester Metals

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Your Complete Partner in Metals

Winchester Metals

Winchester Metals is a steel distribution, processing and fabrication company from Winchester, Virginia. The company has three primary operations through which it performs various services. It has an inventory warehouse where it stocks steel products for end users to buy, a processing operation enabling the company to transform the steel into a size or form that suits an end user or manufacturing application, and it has a structural steel fabrication division that makes weldments for residential, light commercial, and other structural steel applications.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Setting the StandardStrahman Valves

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Setting the Standard

Strahman Valves

Strahman Valves, Inc., sets the standard for products in its sector – literally. Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and nearly a century old, this company is the global leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing wash down equipment and custom process valves. It is proud of its heritage and reputation for quality and is eager to expand its product-line and business.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017The Best in Sports NutritionReflex Supplements

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

The Best in Sports Nutrition

Reflex Supplements

Today, sports nutrition supplements are everywhere, but this was not always the case. Twenty-five years ago, this was an industry that only existed in concepts and ideas, with sparse offerings in drug stores. In 1994, Reflex Supplements, of Surrey, B.C., was born. It was one of the first supplement stores in Canada. From the onset, the company saw positive growth, and that continues to this day, as it is the fastest growing company of its kind in Canada.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Getting Us Moving AgainThe Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Getting Us Moving Again

The Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C.

As anyone who has experienced pain and discomfort in bones, joints, ligaments and other parts of the body knows, it can affect our ability to work, play, and even move. Fortunately, the professional and caring team at the Orthopaedic Specialty Group can help with musculoskeletal system injuries or diseases from advanced surgical and nonsurgical techniques to neurosurgery, pain management, and rehabilitation.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017The Voice of Public HealthCanadian Public Health Association

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

The Voice of Public Health

Canadian Public Health Association

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) was founded over a century ago for the betterment of the nation and is as vital as ever as it continues to address the many issues affecting our everyday lives and well-being. The CPHA represents the public health perspective on a range of issues, including social justice and advocates for the creation of conditions in which Canadians can stay healthy.


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