The Health of our Oceans

Balancing Economy and Environment

How can we find a balance between the economy and the protection of the marine environment when so many of our key industries—international trade and commerce, food production, and tourism—depend upon the ocean? This is the challenge for industries and nations around the world. Finding solutions is no easy task.

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A Rising Hub for ResearchTuscaloosa County

A Rising Hub for Research

Tuscaloosa County

Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa has always been a major destination for college football fans. Now, in addition to this longstanding claim to fame, the community has earned a place on the map as a center for research and is attracting new industries as a result. Business in Focus sat down with Justice Smyth, Executive Director of the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority (TCEDA), to learn more.

“Our Food Is Good Food”Buffalo Creek Mills

“Our Food Is Good Food”

Buffalo Creek Mills

An exceptional product begins with an exceptional producer. As a Canadian oat processor and ingredient supplier located in the heart of prime oat-growing country in Altona, Manitoba, just five minutes from the U.S. border, Buffalo Creek Mills provides customers with high-quality, in-demand oat products, serving both the human and pet food markets.

Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency, and SafetySamuel Automation

Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency, and Safety

Samuel Automation

Much remains the same at Samuel Automation in Waterloo, Ontario since the firm was profiled April 2023 in Manufacturing in Focus. The company, which custom-designs and manufactures automation solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients, is still sharp, focused, and innovative. The biggest change has been a move into new markets, evidence of its commitment to growth.

Affordable and Modern Modular BuildingsAvalon Building Systems

Affordable and Modern Modular Buildings

Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems is making construction affordable again. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts with two factories in the Northeast, the company specializes in designing, fabricating, and assembling some of the most magnificent modular homes. Because it is located in a region where labor is affordable, its buildings come to market at a reasonable price compared to prices in many other places across the U.S.


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