Built to Last

Lanau Industries
Written by Claire Suttles

Martin Rondeau founded Lanau Industries in his hometown, Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec. The concept took off when Mr. Rondeau and his small team designed and built his first truck body in his humble welding shop and recognized that he was onto something. That dump body still runs to this day, nearly two decades later.

That quality soon became a defining factor as the company worked to make a name for itself and earned a roster of loyal customers throughout Canada and the United States. Today, the company’s mission statement summarizes its conscientious approach to business: “Lanau Industries is devoted to building and designing the highest-quality dump bodies with our personalized service.”

Committed to growth and evolution since its inception, the company has become an industry staple, designing and manufacturing a diverse line of tilting dump bodies and accessories. The company and its accomplishments were recently acknowledged at the Brandon en Action gala, which honours the achievements of the regional businesses and organizations. It also took home the grand prize: Business of the Year.

Throughout its expansion and success, Lanau Industries has remained family-owned and dedicated to the values that earned its place in the industry. “Everyone feels included here,” Sales Representative James Belair says of the tight-knit company culture. “Whether you are part of the family or not, you still feel a part of it.”

Lanau Industries is known for its innovation and unique offerings and will customize a product to fit the customer’s needs, from combining different tailgates to changing heights and measurements. “We build anything that the customer wants, pretty much,” Belair says. “We also work hand-in-hand with our customers.”

The company’s promise of quality is another factor that has earned customer loyalty through the years. Lanau always works to be the company with “the best quality on the market,” Belair says. “We build bodies that last.”

This is proven by the fact that the company’s first generation of dump bodies is still running today. “It really [shows] the difference between us and other people. We don’t just build quantity; we build quality also.” To deliver exceptional toughness and durability, the company uses and promotes the Hardox450 steel type.

Lanau Industries designs and manufactures several styles of product line including conventional dump bodies, spreader dump bodies, and landscaping dump bodies, as well as custom-made bodies.

The company’s conventional dump body is made of AR steel and designed for heavy excavation work in addition to transporting gravel and sand. Assembled with continuous welding and coated, this model can stand up to the toughest punishment. To prevent premature wear, these dumps come with an adjustable door pin with a 1” thick hinge. A rear light hole provides better visibility. There is also a deflector cab shield, front and rear sideboard extension pocket, tilted tubular slope to prevent spillage, monocoque floor construction, and 3/16” Domex 100 W long sills with inside reinforcement.

Customers can choose between fives style of tailgate opening. Options include a paving bumper or apron, coal door, tailgate safety lock, angular sides, quartz sides, and inside front tank. Truck bed liner vibrators, air or electric tarp systems, cylinder installation kits, and many more options are also available.

The company’s popular salt spreader recently received a design upgrade and a new name: the DEFROST. Consider it the “2.0 version of the first one,” Belair says, noting, “The look is better; it is easier to maintain.”

To prevent snow and water accumulation, these models feature inclined side wings that are removable for quick and easy insertion into the dump body. A removable protective sub-plate prevents abrasive build-up on truck components. A bolted-on front conveyor is also removable.

Every spreader comes with the wire and lights systems included as well as a driver-side shovel and a foldable, removable side ladder. Optional features include a twenty-seven U.S.-gallon steel oil tank and a polyurethane rubber swivel. All spreaders are completed with sandblasting, then coated and painted the desired color.

The custom-made dump bodies are specially designed to fit a customer’s unique needs. “Thanks to technology, our designers’ expertise and experience, it is possible for us to offer manufacturing adapted to your requirements,” the company website states. “You only have to share your project and ideas with us so that we can advise you and suggest solutions according to your needs. We will put all our knowledge and expertise together in order to meet your objectives while respecting your timeframe and available budget.”

Designs are varied to cover many needs. The company’s versatile roll-off container is ideal for heavy or light work, from renovation and construction to transporting sand, gravel, dry goods, soil, and more. These containers can be used for multiple activities in different areas at a reasonable operating cost.

Specially made for heavy work, the tree service body is ideal for clearing up debris after natural disasters. “We really like our grapple model; it’s made for hurricanes and tornadoes or any strong winds,” Belair says. “There is that grapple hook on it to help to clean everything up.” Low wall or barn doors are available to fit the customer’s specific requirements.

Designed for trucks with a hydraulic arm, the company’s hook lift body has a hook that adapts to all of Lanau Industries’ conventional models. Finally, the company’s agricultural body has a separating panel inside the body that makes it possible for customers to transport two products at once for increased efficiency.

While it has enjoyed its ongoing growth and recent recognition, the company has still had to overcome challenges. Supply chain issues are one of the most notable.

“There is a big shortage of new trucks right now,” Belair says. There is a consensus among colleagues regarding the lack of stock, he adds. “They all say the same thing. We don’t know when it’s coming back, so we’re all hoping for the best.” Industry insiders cite various causes for the shortage. “People say COVID, the war in Ukraine, the shortage of employees, or missing ship[s], missing rubber. It’s a big mix of everything.”

The company is making a concerted effort to stay ahead of the shortages and keep customers satisfied. “We are working hard,” Belair says, and maintaining strong relationships is key. The team is “going to see a lot of customers, trying to keep a good relationship with everyone.” It plans to keep growing its roster of top-of-the-line dump bodies, expanding its customer base, and diversifying its product range.

After decades of ongoing growth and success, Lanau Industries is well-placed to overcome the current industry challenges while continuing to fulfill the company mission of designing and building the highest-quality bodies with personalized service.



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