Crime Doesn’t Sleep – And Neither Does Live Patrol

Live Patrol Inc.
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

As different as they seem, construction sites, high-rise residential buildings, commercial businesses, storage facilities and even solar farms have one thing in common: they all need trustworthy and professional ‘round-the-clock security. That’s where Live Patrol comes in.

Using the latest technology, the award-winning company is Canada’s leader in remote live-video monitoring and access management services, providing clients with state-of-the-art security solutions that have real advantages and the best customer support in the business.

Live Patrol’s 24/7 live-video monitoring enables its monitoring station team to respond to incidents in under 10 seconds—not minutes, as with some other companies.

With a reputation as one of the best security companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Live Patrol’s calls to the police are met with Level 1 priority; most security firms are at Level 3. This Level 1 status means that police dispatch to client locations is immediate—with no delay—significantly lowering the probability of theft or damage, with a much greater chance of nabbing the suspects.

Using authentic, fully secured technology with no back-door vulnerabilities, Canadian-owned and operated Live Patrol is right at the forefront of technology for the benefit of its clients. But what truly sets the company apart from its competitors is its high degree of customer service.

“We are available 24 hours, ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our services,” says company Co-Founder Dan Carloni, “and we work closely with them to create custom systems to meet their needs.”

With its customized solutions, Live Patrol caters to many industries across Canada and the United States, particularly construction and trucking. Clients appreciate Live Patrol’s efficient and fuss-free implementation.

An initial call or online request made to will initiate a meeting with a potential client at their site to determine appropriate security, such as live video monitoring and security, time-lapse videos, remote concierge services, and remote access management.

“From there, we’ll supply a site plan showing the equipment positioning and coverage, along with a proposal,” says Live Patrol’s National Sales Executive Ahsan Kafeel. “Once a system is agreed on and the agreement’s made, our sophisticated technical team will initiate the installation process. When the install is complete, all analytics are examined and tested, followed by a debrief with our monitoring station and operators to ensure any specific needs are met.”

From initial agreement to monitoring commencement, the entire process can be completed in as little as two weeks, giving customers peace of mind by knowing that their storage facilities, commercial facilities, automotive businesses, and other assets are full-time monitored by the teams at Live Patrol.

Through Live Patrol’s significant investments in innovative technologies, the switch from traditional security guard services to Live Patrol’s Remote Live-Video Monitoring can save customers 30 to 60 percent of the usual costs.

Small wonder well-known entities like Ford, Mattamy Homes, Icon Property Management, construction services company EllisDon, Shelter Canadian Properties Limited, and many others have put their trust in Live Patrol and its fully customizable video-monitoring security packages.

Able to do more than regular security guard services for less, the company says that its custom live video-monitoring services “are available at approximately half the financial investment required for a competitor’s 24-hour security guard service, with significant advantages.”

Installed by highly skilled technicians, Live Patrol’s advanced remote live-video monitoring ensures client properties receive the highest degree of protection. Customers can check their sites via desktop software, or on the go through Live Patrol’s Smartphone app. And if a potential incident occurs, they are notified immediately.

With its advanced technology and outstanding support, Live Patrol is respected and acclaimed by those in the know—its clients. So it’s no surprise that In just the past few years the company has received recognition and several prestigious awards.

These include making the 2020 Growth List as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, named among Canada’s Top Growing Companies 2021 by The Globe & Mail, and most recently, named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2022 by the Financial Times. Valuing customers and employees alike, Live Patrol was certified this year as a Great Place to Work® by the research and management consultancy company of the same name.

Just as the company’s technology never stands still, neither does Love Patrol’s customer base. Adapting to the changing times, the company’s live-video remote security systems encompass not only construction sites, storage facilities, automotive dealerships, and high-rise residential with remote access management and concierge services, but emerging sectors, too. These include security for solar farms and cannabis-licensed producers.

“Solar farms are equipped with expensive equipment that requires monitoring against theft,” says Carloni. “Solar farms are not a large part of our business, but showcase our ability to cater to unique industries, providing custom security solutions.”

Instead of using security guards, Live Patrol can secure entire premises and provide remote access management. This allows complete control over who enters sites via card readers, such as employees, or intercoms with video components at entrance points. Signals or visuals are then sent to Live Patrol’s 24/7 monitoring facility, where staff determine if access is granted or denied.

To get the word out about its many services, Live Patrol has a robust media presence online through social media sites including Facebook and Instagram, along with LinkedIn.

On its YouTube channel, the company’s informative videos include drone deployment for live video monitoring and security, time-lapse video services, crime control footage, remote concierge services, and many others.

“Live Patrol Inc. is largely advertised through our social media outlets as well as on-site signage,” says Kafeel. “However, because of our customer service reputation, we also generate quite a bit of word-of-mouth business, as well as retaining existing business relationships.”

Technologically advanced, highly reliable, and fully customizable to meet the requirements of all customers, the company’s services are designed to protect people and property all day and all night, 365 days a year. From construction sites to commercial properties and everything in between, Live Patrol’s services are efficient, economical, and evolving.

“Live Patrol has been a leader in the live video monitoring industry for a while now, and we continuously strive to stay that way,” says Carloni. “This means that we’re consistently ensuring we only use the best equipment, the best software, and continuously improve and expand our customer service to ensure the best possible customer experience.”



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