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April 2024 | Green Building & Energy EfficiencyArchitecture for Animals – Design for Every LifeAnimal Arts Design Studios

April 2024 | Green Building & Energy Efficiency

Architecture for Animals – Design for Every Life

Animal Arts Design Studios

When thinking about architecture and building design, we know much time and thought goes into creating sound, healthy, and attractive structures for people, but what about housing for our animal friends? Animal Arts Design Studios specializes exclusively in animal care design, including animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, with a proven track record of success with more than 1,500 projects in 40 U.S. states, Canada, and overseas, ranging in size from 600 to 110,000 square feet.

April 2024 | Specialty ServicesLighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing ShortageA-LINX Building Technologies

April 2024 | Specialty Services

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing Shortage

A-LINX Building Technologies

A-LINX Building Technologies, headquartered in Ontario, offers comprehensive contracting services specializing in the prefabrication of roof trusses and both exterior and interior load-bearing wall systems. Through its innovative approach, A-LINX enables clients to achieve faster and more cost-effective completion of superstructures compared to traditional construction methods.

April 2024 | Current | Specialty ServicesPowering Tomorrow Through Unrivaled Solutions TodayCollicutt Energy

April 2024 | Current | Specialty Services

Powering Tomorrow Through Unrivaled Solutions Today

Collicutt Energy

One of the top producers of customized power generation machinery, Collicutt Energy Services Corp. provides high-efficiency prime power CHP systems to standby power units, and engineers, designs, and produces complete power solutions. To ensure power solutions are the best in their class, the company’s technical and manufacturing teams continually strive to improve the quality of products and services while fostering strategic alliances that guarantee strong, capable and reliable results.

February 2024 | In Focus | MineConnectSafer, Greener, Better – The Practice of Progressive MiningBME Mining Canada

February 2024 | In Focus | MineConnect

Safer, Greener, Better – The Practice of Progressive Mining

BME Mining Canada

Embarking on an explosive journey of innovation and growth, BME Mining Canada, a dynamic collaboration between Sudbury’s leading drilling and blasting contractor, Consbec, and South African explosive manufacturing expert, BME, unveils its cutting-edge production and service hub in Nairn Centre, Ontario. This grand inauguration not only signifies a major leap forward for the company but also sets the stage for an unparalleled global expansion in the realm of bulk emulsions, packaged explosives, and groundbreaking initiating systems.

December 2023 / January 2024 | Fairs and ExposThe Fair Necessities: Bringing Communities Together through Candy, Carnivals, and CattleInternational Association of Fairs & Expos

December 2023 / January 2024 | Fairs and Expos

The Fair Necessities: Bringing Communities Together through Candy, Carnivals, and Cattle

International Association of Fairs & Expos

Defined as a competitive exposition featuring agricultural products and animals, typically with related entertainment and amusements, the local or state fair has inhabited cities and counties around the world for more than 200 years, and the International Association of Fairs & Expos (IAFE) strives to keep the tradition strong.

Industrial Services | October 2023Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered MachineryExpand Machinery

Industrial Services | October 2023

Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered Machinery

Expand Machinery

Beginning as a modest family business in 1985, bringing to market machine tools with the best value and productivity for precision machining, Ganesh Machinery grew in just three short years into a 4,000-square-foot operation, followed by a successful 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art enterprise supported by a 40,000-square-foot machine warehouse. The product lines GEN MILL, GEN TURN, and Ganesh were bought by Expand Machinery in 2019, positioning the company on a new, exciting path dedicated to ensuring excellent after-sales service and high-quality, well-engineered machinery for all its clients.


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