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2015 | August 2015 | In FocusSupporting the Free Market, Empowering Small BusinessesDollarDays International

2015 | August 2015 | In Focus

Supporting the Free Market, Empowering Small Businesses

DollarDays International

DollarDays International is an innovative, online wholesale distributor on a mission to level the playing field for growing businesses. By taking manufacturing and distribution to the digital marketplace, the site provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-profits with the economic security necessary to take on the challenges of twenty-first-century entrepreneurship.

2015 | In Focus | July 2015Reinventing the PayzoneFalconRidge Oil

2015 | In Focus | July 2015

Reinventing the Payzone

FalconRidge Oil

FalconRidge is an oil and gas enhancement company that is revolutionizing how we think about drilling. In the oilfield, the payzone is the rock in which petroleum products are found in quantities worth drilling for. When it comes to the payzone, “dead” or low performing wells are a cost which many have come to think of as an inevitable, but FalconRidge’s Terra Slicing Technology is here to change that.

2015 | In Focus | July 2015Opportunity AwaitsLaurens County

2015 | In Focus | July 2015

Opportunity Awaits

Laurens County

Laurens County is an area with an abundance of opportunity for businesses seeking expansion or relocation. As a “gateway to the upstate” of South Carolina, Laurens has seen substantial industrial growth in recent years, a testament to the area’s developing infrastructure and growing significance in the wider national market.

2015 | In Focus | June 2015A Pro-Business CommunityHart County

2015 | In Focus | June 2015

A Pro-Business Community

Hart County

As more and more companies turn toward advanced manufacturing and automation, Hart County, Georgia provides an opportunity for growth that is hard to match. The area’s primary benefit may appear to be its advantageous location. However, a closer look uncovers an aggressive commitment to creating and maintaining a growth-centric environment.


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