2015 | December 2015 | In FocusTaking OffCreeWest GP Inc.

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

Taking Off

CreeWest GP Inc.

CreeWest GP Inc. is a regional working group of economic development representatives from Weenusk (Peawanuck), Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan. The group originated in 2004, bringing the communities together to incubate the idea of a partnership designed to protect a vested interest in ongoing regional developments. The group is also realizing its dream of becoming a regional air service provider to northern communities.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusGreat Work Deserves Its PlaceMcCoy-Rockford

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

Great Work Deserves Its Place


Houston-based McCoy-Rockford Inc. specializes in commercial interiors, including commercial office furniture, flooring and architectural walls. Its quality products and services have led to it becoming the leading provider of office furniture in the state of Texas. We spoke with McCoy Rockford’s Executive Management Team, comprised of CEO Kenneth Beaver, CFO David Barnett and the company’s Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs): EVP of Furniture Operations Corey Dupree, EVP of Floor Covering Elizabeth Greenman, EVP of Architectural Solutions Kansas Sartin and the Executive Vice Presidents of Sales and Design: Amy Lopez in Houston and Gary Rust in Austin.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusGenerations of Professional ServiceM.J. Daly

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

Generations of Professional Service

M.J. Daly

Imagine living long enough to relate stories about the Great Depression, two World Wars, the invention of the television, or Orville Wright’s first flight. For a human to reach such a grand old age would be phenomenal. Yet, some American companies have been around for more than a century, such as renowned Dupont (1802), Colgate (1806), and Ford (1903), making the attaining of the ‘century or more in business’ milestone even more impressive – especially considering the challenging economic downturns of the past.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusExcellence in Service, Excellence in StaffDesign Mechanical

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

Excellence in Service, Excellence in Staff

Design Mechanical

Design Mechanical is a homegrown success story that proves there is still room for small start-ups to take on competitive industries and prosper. Beginning in one of the toughest economic times in US history, the odds stood strongly against the then small HVAC business. Today, the company is a leading player in the Midwest, providing everything from HVAC mechanical construction and service to refrigeration. Despite widespread growth, Design Mechanical has kept a people-focused ethos at its core, and according to General Manager Valerie Mussett, it is this commitment that is guiding its future.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusThe Future of Mechanical ContractingMechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

The Future of Mechanical Contracting

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

The mechanical contracting industry is involved in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, piping, and mechanical service – vital elements in the construction or renovation of any building. The industry’s importance to the construction industry is a given, but the exact role it will play in the future may shift as technological advancements and social changes force companies to evolve – or fall behind.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusOn Top of the Industry

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

On Top of the Industry

For over thirty years, McKinnis Roofing and Sheet Metal has earned a reputation for quality residential and commercial roofing projects. Its commitment to top-notch products and installation means it has come to be a reliable contractor upon which the people of Nebraska and Iowa can rely for full-service roofing, siding, window, gutter and sheet metal work.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusWhere Quality and Craftsmanship MeetPacific Sheet Metal

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

Where Quality and Craftsmanship Meet

Pacific Sheet Metal

Pacific Sheet Metal’s team of eighty-five trained and experienced staff has served the roofing, waterproofing, HVAC and gutter needs of clients across western Colorado for almost fifty years. The family-owned company continues to build on its reputation as a quality contractor providing exceptional worksmanship, quality materials and the best possible customer service from project start to completion.

2015 | December 2015 | In FocusThe Voice of the Spill Response IndustrySpill Control Association of America (SCAA)

2015 | December 2015 | In Focus

The Voice of the Spill Response Industry

Spill Control Association of America (SCAA)

The Spill Control Association of America (SCAA) is the voice of spill response professionals. From equipment manufacturers and response contractors to scientists, commercial divers, wildlife research and rescue folks, and spill management firms, the association brings together the full gamut of professionals who respond to environment-threatening disasters, giving them the support and networking that they need.


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