June 2023

June 2023 | Products & ServicesAn Industry StapleRapid Gear

June 2023 | Products & Services

An Industry Staple

Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear is a custom gear manufacturer that has led the industry in designing and building individual gears, gear boxes, and special purpose machinery since 1976. Operating from a world-class, 42,500-suare-foot facility in Southern Ontario, the company has the capability to produce virtually any number of gears in sizes ranging from two inches to 200 inches.

June 2023 | Products & ServicesLiving a LegacyElliott Matsuura Canada Inc.

June 2023 | Products & Services

Living a Legacy

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc.

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc., a branch of the global machine tool supplier Matsuura Machinery Corporation, is based in Oakville, Ontario. Its rich history began in 1905 with founder Hugo Frye, a German engineer, who opened his first manufacturing company upon moving to the United Kingdom. He later married Beatrice Elliott, and together the two founded the B. Elliott Group, from which the Elliott group of companies would spring.

June 2023 | Products & ServicesPerfecting the Science of Pain ManagementWEX Pharmaceuticals

June 2023 | Products & Services

Perfecting the Science of Pain Management

WEX Pharmaceuticals

When physical pain occurs—whether from an injury, surgery, or the ravages of cancer—finding the right product to alleviate symptoms can be a matter of trial and error, and is often fraught with side effects including addiction and overdose. WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., a late-stage drug development company based in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to reducing those threats through research, development, and manufacture of Halneuron®, a new non-opioid analgesic considered to be a breakthrough in pain-management technology.

June 2023 | Products & ServicesWriting the Book on Novel, Targeted TherapiesSignalChem Lifesciences

June 2023 | Products & Services

Writing the Book on Novel, Targeted Therapies

SignalChem Lifesciences

Over a span of almost 20 years, SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation (SLC) has grown to become a worldwide leader in cell signalling and protein engineering. At SignalChem, the focus is on cancer and neurodegenerative disease research and the development and production of cell signalling proteins and enzymes. Through decades of innovation, and with its highly experienced leadership and scientific advisory board, this clinical-stage company continues to lead in the production of novel targeted therapies for oncology.

Economic Development | June 2023Shaping New StoriesCity of Welland, Ontario

Economic Development | June 2023

Shaping New Stories

City of Welland, Ontario

Progressive and proactive to its core, the City of Welland is one of Ontario’s finest examples of motivation in action. It is here, in the Rose City, that the feet of hardworking dreamers are planted firmly on Canadian soil. Easily accessible and well-appointed in the Greater Toronto Area with only one and a half hours between its northern outskirts and the big T, this lovely mid-sized city now tells its story in new ways. And, after over a decade of consistent, meticulously planned expansion, its timing is superb.

Economic Development | June 2023Building Arizona’s EconomyArizona Association for Economic Development

Economic Development | June 2023

Building Arizona’s Economy

Arizona Association for Economic Development

Arizona has a remarkable track record when it comes to economic development. In fact, the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) recently named the Greater Phoenix Economic Council the top economic development organization in the entire world. “We’ve got top notch talent,” says Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) Executive Director Carrie Kelly.

June 2023Workplace WellbeingThe Post-COVID Culture Shift

June 2023

Workplace Wellbeing

The Post-COVID Culture Shift

No event in recent memory has had more of a profound impact on daily life—both personal and professional—than the COVID pandemic. Altering the fundamental structure of the employer-employee relationship along with numerous long-held beliefs and norms concerning the work world, COVID has forced employees to fundamentally revise not only their career goals but their ideal working environment.


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