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June 2024Bringing Nature BackGreener Urban Spaces for Human Health

June 2024

Bringing Nature Back

Greener Urban Spaces for Human Health

As an increasingly cerebral species, homo sapiens appears to forget at times that, rather than it being an external, optional force to be tailored to our every whim, humans are as much a part of nature as nature itself. For this reason, human ancestors maintained for centuries that spending time in nature is crucial to maintaining sensible boisterousness and overall good health. That time spent in nature is pretty good for you.

Construction Services | June 2024Affordable and Modern Modular BuildingsAvalon Building Systems

Construction Services | June 2024

Affordable and Modern Modular Buildings

Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems is making construction affordable again. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts with two factories in the Northeast, the company specializes in designing, fabricating, and assembling some of the most magnificent modular homes. Because it is located in a region where labor is affordable, its buildings come to market at a reasonable price compared to prices in many other places across the U.S.

May 2024 | Products & ServicesServing the People Who ServeOriginal Footwear Co.

May 2024 | Products & Services

Serving the People Who Serve

Original Footwear Co.

As the biggest supplier of tactical boots to the United States Department of Defense (DOD), other militaries, and first responders around the globe, Original Footwear Co. is the choice when it comes to building the purpose-specific shoes needed by armed forces and lifesavers to help protect their physical health and comfort on the job. Tactical boots have never been this advanced.

In Focus | March 2024 | Women in BusinessIt’s All in the ChemistryNetchem

In Focus | March 2024 | Women in Business

It’s All in the Chemistry


In the world of international specialty chemical procurement and distribution, Netchem Inc. serves hundreds of manufacturing customers, from independently-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Netchem enables its customers to build and expand solid supply chains, striving to act as an extension of their procurement and distribution departments. And while bigger competitors had difficulties during the supply chain nightmare of recent years, Netchem fulfilled many urgent requests for material while increasing its standard three-month inventory holding period to support customers’ production schedules.

In Focus | March 2024 | Women in BusinessInnovation by DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO

In Focus | March 2024 | Women in Business

Innovation by Design


Despite its relatively young age, ArquitectonicaSTUDIO is an established, interdisciplinary voice on the Miami architecture scene that has proven to be a dynamic and capable collaborator across a host of project types and sizes, unafraid of exploring creativity and novelty. As part of Arquitectonica, the ArquitectonicaSTUDIO team specializes in boutique-style projects incorporating interior and landscape design while benefitting from being an integrated part of the greater ecosystem and community creativity of its parent company.


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