February 2015

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusReady for the FutureJamestown, North Dakota

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Ready for the Future

Jamestown, North Dakota

Jamestown, North Dakota offers the best of both worlds: friendly, small town living with the amenities and business opportunities of a much larger community. “What makes Jamestown such a great place to live is that you have a community that is small enough to know your neighbor and feel safe and comfortable, yet it is big enough to participate in commerce and have great employment opportunities,” says Mayor Katie Andersen. “It is just the right balance.”

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusRevelling in the Boom in the Friendly CityCity of Moose Jaw

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Revelling in the Boom in the Friendly City

City of Moose Jaw

When one refers to Canadian cities, the impression that often comes to mind is of the large urban centres – Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto perhaps. To be sure, these are communities that have evolved to provide a wealth of resources in terms of amenities, culture and historical significance. Yet, smaller cities across this nation offer an equally inviting sense of place by providing the similar qualities that attract people to those large urban areas.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusLooking Out, Looking ForwardSeeing Clearly with Modern Windows

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Looking Out, Looking Forward

Seeing Clearly with Modern Windows

As the winter months continue to impress their power upon us – and on a completely unrelated note, I’m thinking a nice long visit to our Australian offices is long overdue – it’s only natural that our minds turn to ways we can keep the heat in. While home improvements in the dead of winter may not be the most popular choice, necessity sometimes wins out. It’s cold here in Atlantic Canada, and the time for new windows is at hand!

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusBlast AwayBRT Structures

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Blast Away

BRT Structures

BRT Structures makes dangerous worksites safe. The Alberta based company designs, engineers, and manufactures blast resistant modular buildings that protect against virtually any disaster, from explosions and ballistics to chemical releases and projectiles – making them a must for Western Canada’s petrochemical and oil industries, or any high risk environment.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusA Unique VisionWZMH Architects

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

A Unique Vision

WZMH Architects

Back in the spring of 2013, Business in Focus wrote about WZMH Architects, a highly successful, highly touted and technically savvy architectural partnership with the first LEED Platinum certification on the East Coast. The firm deals with all aspects of the architectural process on significant projects for a range of sectors. We spoke once again to Principal Carl Blanchaer.


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