October 2015

2015 | In Focus | October 2015The Future of RoadsWestern Asphalt Products

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

The Future of Roads

Western Asphalt Products

Western Asphalt Products is a successful, family-run enterprise, part of the Arnill Group of companies, which has been in business for almost seventy years. The Group are Canadian leaders in the innovation of unique road solutions and refined asphalt products, focused on providing purchasing agents longer lasting roads using preventative road maintenance technologies with lower lifecycle costs.

2015 | In Focus | October 2015A Dog Gone Good Time!Camp Bow Wow

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

A Dog Gone Good Time!

Camp Bow Wow

Founded in Denver, Colorado, in December 2000, Camp Bow Wow has grown to become an $80 million-plus business with over 130 locations in forty states, and a location in Canada! With upwards of thirty new franchises on the way and the support of their almost two hundred franchisees, Camp Bow Wow has established itself as the premier doggy daycare and overnight Camp in North America.

2015 | In Focus | October 2015Promise and OpportunityHarford County

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

Promise and Opportunity

Harford County

As part of the Greater Baltimore region, Harford County, Maryland enjoys a strategic position on I-95 in the centrally located Mid-Atlantic region, along the Chesapeake Bay. This ideal location combines with a business friendly environment, skilled workforce, and quality of life to create a winning destination for both work and play.

2015 | In Focus | October 2015A Jewel in Central TexasCity of Converse

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

A Jewel in Central Texas

City of Converse

Although now seen as a relic from the past, the ‘iron horse’ and its accompanying rail lines were influential in stimulating societal, political and economic development throughout the U.S. in the 1800s. From the laying of the first rail to the driving of the last spike, railroads were the precursors to settlement and, most often, the stimulus for large-scale settlement. It was the golden age of railroads that connected the nation and fostered prosperity and opened gateways to discovery.

2015 | In Focus | October 2015Committed to Health, Integrity, and QualityNatural Alternatives International

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

Committed to Health, Integrity, and Quality

Natural Alternatives International

Since its founding in 1980, Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAI) has been a preeminent developer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements. It has performed numerous clinical studies in the creation of new formulations and creates custom vitamin blends via its private-label contract manufacturing services. The San Marcos, California-based company has a fierce commitment to scientific integrity and quality in all the products it produces.

2015 | In Focus | October 2015Naturally DeliciousCedar’s Mediterranean Foods

2015 | In Focus | October 2015

Naturally Delicious

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods

Massachusetts based Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods was founded in 1981 and produces a variety of Mediterranean foods for American consumers. Cedar’s has grown steadily over its 34 year history to become a leading brand, private label, and co-manufacturer in the Mediterranean food sector. Business in Focus spoke with Chief Financial Officer Chris Gaudette to find out more.


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