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Tekton Construction is South Florida’s premier shell contractor. Experiential knowledge, a commitment to quality and the determination to succeed have propelled the firm from a small family business to the forefront of the regional construction industry.
The founder of the company, Jorge Hernandez, spent thirty years as a structural contractor before setting out on his own. Years of experience in the industry drew him to a gap in the market, a gap he set out to fill; pairing with his son, Gabriel Hernandez, Tekton was incorporated.

From multi-residential to commercial, Tekton directs every step of the structural development process. “A shell contractor, creates the structural portion of the building, from the foundation to putting in the block walls, anything foundational or structural, we do,” explains Hernandez.

Since shell construction ultimately determines the structural reliability of any project, it is crucial. Increasingly, contractors have begun turning to highly specialised firms, such as Tekton to ensure the quality of this pivotal construction phase.

The company, which started as a small family operation run out of the pair’s garage, is now South Florida’s top provider of structural shell contracting services. Tekton’s portfolio, which includes some of the region’s biggest and most acclaimed construction endeavours, has been recently increased by a state-wide construction boom. Its existing reputation and prime positioning within a growing market are the makings of a perfect storm, and according to Gabriel Hernandez, things have never been better.

As the importance of shell construction continues to gain industry attention, Tekton is one of the few companies which can claim to be founded primarily on this specialised expertise. Its exclusiveness is a benefit that continues to gain the company the industry’s most sought-after contracts. Although a young company, its services are backed by decades of experience in the structural construction sector, a priceless asset in an industry that is increasingly expanding.

With a combination of nearly fifty years of construction experience, the Hernadez duo had not only the knowledge, but the rapport to kick-start impressive growth. In spite of the company’s initially small scale, business swiftly took off and it achieved multimillion dollar contracts within its first year of operation. “We started out in the garage, but business picked up very quickly,” saysHernandez. Construction is an extremely competitive market, and reputation is everything. It is this reputation that continues to guarantee the viability of the firm.

Today, Tekton’s Doral office is home to eighty employees including engineers, superintendents, project managers and a range of other skilled construction specialists. Shell construction can often be extremely labor intensive. Consequently, the company’s staff is a vital piece of its approach.

The company’s recent success is multifaceted and, in part, a result of the company’s innovative approach to shell construction. Unlike many other shell contractors which delegate components of projects to sub-contractors, Tekton takes the full responsibility for the projects, Hernandez explains. “We don’t just manage; we self-perform all of our work, so we have more control over the quality of the product, and end up with a better quality product overall.”

Tekton delivers turnkey packages, an offering that continues to define the firm as not only skilled, but creative. Its holistic approach has inherent benefits for customers, both financially and in terms of efficiency. It is also a feature that continues to distinguish the company from other players in the sector. According to Hernandez, “There is a lot of different pieces to the puzzle – to do what we do. A lot of contractors won’t offer the entire package. Where some contractors are forced to hire out cranes (or) other heavy machinery, we take care of the entire thing.”

Working on every aspect of shell construction from start to finish, Tekton offers clients pre-construction and project management services in addition to the core construction aspects of the project. This full-service approach provides clients layout, hoisting, concrete placement, concrete finishing, reinforcement of steel placing and course setting in addition to every component of form work.

In recent years, shell contractors have become a critical part of large-scale and multi-structure construction projects. Shell construction is quickly becoming a prime consideration of every major construction development due to the complexity of the work involved. “The thing with being a shell contractor is that there is no job which is the same,” says Hernandez. “So it’s a whole different approach to each project.”

Major construction projects and contractors are increasingly seeking out shell contractors to perform the intricate work required in structural development. Hernandez explains that in structural development, the stakes are high, and consequently there is no replacement for experience. “You can’t mess up; it’s not an option. You have to complete the project every single time, and there is no room for mistakes.”

The company’s greatest strength lies in its ability to adapt accordingly to the diverse needs of each project. Its increasing popularity is directly connected to the firm’s specialised nature, which creates tailor-made approaches to the client’s specific needs. “What we are really great at is adapting to the conditions of the project. The experience we have is an important part of this,” says Hernandez. “We have done projects all throughout South Florida, so we know what to expect.”

Since structural construction is one of the first steps involved in any construction project, Tekton is committed to not only quality, but also efficiency. “We always turn a project ahead of schedule and within the budget. Since we have been doing this so long, we know how to save the owner money.” In the construction industry, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential and only possible as a result of experiential wisdom. The Hernandez duo’s avid success springs directly from their years of experience.

Despite Tekton’s youth, the company’s portfolio is extensive. In both commercial and residential works, the company has a range of completed and ongoing projects, which would rival any of the nation’s top construction service providers. From the Adrienne Arsht Centre – Florida’s largest performing arts center – to the 1800 Club – a forty-two story condominium – Tekton has had a hand in some of the state’s most notable projects.

One of Tekton’s biggest ongoing projects is the Crimson Tower, located in the residential Edgewater district of South Florida. The Crimson Tower is a high-rise building comprised of ninety exclusive residences, in one of the most scenic areas of Florida. Tekton is providing the full structural and shell services for the project, which is currently completed up to the sixteenth floor, of the soon-to-be nineteen-floor structure. The company will be nearing completion of its work on the project in the New Year, adding to its long list of notable works.

Tekton is skilled at mid to high-rise buildings, but works on smaller structures as well; it is currently working on a wide array of residential and commercial projects. Experience in the mid-size to high-rise buildings sector is a unique point of difference that continues to bolster its reputation in the robust South Florida construction industry.

Despite the company’s ambitious growth in the last year, Hernandez says the company is planning even bigger things including expansion throughout the region, and possibly across state lines, in the future. A second office location is to open in the upcoming year, and other ambitious projects are in the works. Further growth is on the horizon for Tekton, and the industry has taken notice.

With shell contracting gaining attention within the industry and the ongoing construction demand, the future of Tekton is bright. The company is ready and eager to take on the challenges growth will bring, remaining focused on delivering clients trustworthy and quality service. In the end, Hernandez believes its commitment to quality is matched only by its determination – something which is shared by the father-son team and permeates throughout the company as a whole.

Tekton ambitiously took on the South Floridian construction industry and has excelled. The company’s exponential growth is founded on family bonds and the Hernandez’s strong reputation, but sustained through the innovative work Tekton consistently brings to the table.



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