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Exclusive Energy Services
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Exclusive Energy Services is an oilfield based service company that offers a wide array of services, technology and equipment. The company’s primary focus is on mixing plants, offering state of the art equipment dedicated to bore out completion fluids and thru-tubing motors to improve functionality and efficiency for its clients in and out of the oilfield.
The company, headquartered in Orange Grove, Texas with an office in Midland as well, has the capacity to satisfy all coil-tubing, workover jobs (redoing a well), water transfers and filtrations, as well as supplying some bulk frac fluids. Exclusive Energy Services also offers a number of oilfield rental equipment options including cooling trailers, safety trailers, forklifts, manlifts, portable toilets, light plants, trash trailers and command centers.

Exclusive Energy Services makes a substantial commitment to research and development, continuing to improve and expand its service offerings as well as the technologies, programs and procedures, used to provide those services. In doing so, it can save end users money without having to sacrifice quality and safety.

The company has a strong environmental focus, offering green chemicals and safe applications to ensure that it leaves behind a green footprint. As Mick Williams, quality control manager, explains, “We want to make sure that we don’t impact the environment in a negative context. Everything that we pump down into the wells – we want to make sure that it is not detrimental to the wells or the reservoirs.”

Exclusive Energy Services was formed on April 1, 2011 under the leadership and initiative of Chief Operating Officer Eric Herschap and the financial backing of several investors. Herschap broke away from another fluid company to build Exclusive Energy Services. Using available property to erect a shop and his knowledge, experience and industry rapport, he began building units.

His experience moved Exclusive Energy Services forward at a strong pace and it continues to establish its name in the industry through experience, safety and results. Since 2011, the company has grown to a workforce of thirty-eight individuals, including an increased sales crew to support this growth and further contribute to the company’s rapport with the industry.

Not only have its operations and its staff grown, so too has the range of services it provides and the applications used to provide them. The company ensures that extensive research is undertaken to improve the quality of its output, reducing human error. It has provided customers with a thorough understanding of their needs, ensuring that these needs are met and guaranteeing their satisfaction.

Research and development is a key driver of the company’s growth. Though Williams describes the mixing plant industry as relatively simple, the company goes to great lengths to make sure it employs the very best people and uses the most up to date and safe chemicals to making certain it is consistent with the industry curve.

The company has invested in what it has called its Data Acquisition Unit. Real time monitoring via the internet allows for remote access and control of the Data Acquisition Unit guaranteeing the direct injection of chemicals with precise doses and injection rates and monitoring the many aspects of fluid dynamics and well site conditions.

This focus on technology and utilization has improved application and success, making it an industry leader. “Our technology is patent pending,” Williams explains. “Our real time, direct injection system is of its own. We have competitors who have like technology and equipment, but nothing as true to real time visibility as ours currently is, so yes, I would say it is unique.”

The company is also unique in its approach to safety, as its employees undergo a number of rigorous bimonthly and monthly training sessions to ensure they know and understand the latest chemicals, technology, applications, processes and procedures to uphold safety and quality standards. The staff is all PEC SafeLand trained, and a number of operators have IWCF well control certification. Well control certification is something that not many fluid operators in the industry have, as it is typically for supervisors.

The company has a solid safety record and continues to adapt and expand its training capacities, going beyond the industry standard and raising the bar for its clients.

“Being in the oil field is not a job; it’s a way of life,” as Williams describes it. Exclusive Energy Services provides 24/7 service, provided by committed and professional technicians and sales representatives who are prepared to go over and above industry standards to provide the very best quality output for its clients, delivering results with drive and a solid work ethic. “We’re not just an oilfield company that just goes out there and does a job. We take a lot of pride in what we do.”

Like a finely tuned motor, Exclusive Energy Services strives for excellence at every level of its operations. The team is an extremely tight knit group, working together to help the company translate its positive work culture into positive end results. The company pays out quarterly bonuses for safety and boasts a strong health plan and many other employee benefits.

Williams himself started as a field supervisor only four month after the company was formed, moving up through the ranks to fill the recently created post of quality control manager – a position that became necessary as the company grew. It is likely to continue to experience growth into the future.

Exclusive Energy Services is prepared to improve where necessary, adapting to a changing industry. Building on the knowledge and experience of its employees, it is always looking for new ways to innovate its technology, equipment and processes.

“I’m pretty sure that as the industry changes, and as we grow, there will be other needs that we will need to address and other obstacles that we will have to overcome. So, that being said, I’m sure that our procedures and applications will change with that, to suit the need,” explains Williams. By delivering results and building a strong rapport with clients, the company has its sights on the future.

The company intends to persevere in its level of research and development, finding new ways to adapt and advance as an industry leader in providing oilfield services. It will maintain support and encourage the growth of its Data Acquisition Units, Thru-Tubing, and Well Intervention Services Division, highlighting these assets to continue to benefit the company.

As Williams says, “It has allowed us to develop new technology that is going to make chemicals more precisely utilized – less wasted – and it’s going to have a better impact on the environment as well, because of the fact that we are not excessively dosing or potentially harming the reservoir.” With the continued support of its investors, who are committed to reinvesting profits into the company, Exclusive Energy Services is poised for further success.



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