Success Built on Powerful Legacies

Addition Manufacturing Technologies
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

As a global manufacturing technologies company, Addition Manufacturing Technologies boasts a breadth and depth of capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. A coming together of three entities with longstanding industry expertise, Addition Manufacturing Technologies is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Addition Manufacturing Technologies was formed in 2015 when AddisonMckee, Eagle Precision Technologies and Eaton Leonard were brought together under the same umbrella in order to leverage the diverse skills, perspectives and cultures of each entity. In doing so, Addition Manufacturing Technologies can offer its customers a wider range of complementary products and services.

“While we are celebrating 60 years from when Addison Machine Tools Limited was founded, we actually have more than 200 years’ combined experience in the tube forming industry,” said Jennifer Rankin, Addition Manufacturing Technologies’ Global Marketing Director.

Addison Machine Tools Limited was founded in England in 1956 and started producing tube bending machines in 1958. McKee Machine Tool Company, a machine shop formerly named SEMCO, was founded in 1972. As both companies shared a common focus on the tube manipulation industry, and complementary products, the two came together as AddisonMckee in 1998.

Eagle Precision, on the other hand, was founded in 1958 and experienced significant growth and success in the global market. In the 1970s it expanded into the silencer making industry and in 1982 it purchased Moon Brothers who were the first to manufacture a muffler making machine. In 2009, Eagle Precision Technologies merged with AddisonMckee.

Eaton Leonard was established in 1973 and was the first to introduce tube measuring technologies to the industry. In 2013 Eaton Leonard merged with AddisonMckee, consolidating their bending and endforming technologies.

The combined companies officially became Addison Manufacturing Technologies in 2015, rebranding and bringing together what Rankin refers to as, “The ingenuity, creativity and global scale of both companies and its employees to better serve the combined customer base.” Though Addition Manufacturing Technologies now has a new look, a new name and new opportunities to satisfy its customers, a few things have remained the same: the company’s demand for excellence, its commitment to innovation, and its integrity.

Addition Manufacturing Technologies has established itself as the largest installed base of tube manipulation equipment in the world. “Addition is the combination of multiple companies, which are all rooted in a shared heritage in the tube forming industry,” explained Rankin.

Addition Manufacturing Technologies’ goal and purpose is to bring advanced, efficient and safe manufacturing equipment to its manufacturing customers across the world. Addition’s customers span 60 countries, which speaks to its ability to service and support such an expansive geographic market footprint.

Rankin elaborated on the pride Addition Manufacturing Technologies has in its decades of experience and widely expansive reach. “Only by merging our previous companies and capabilities can we achieve a sustained and seamless impact,” she said. “We are able to draw on the full breadth of our strengths and presence around the world to serve the full range of customers’ needs wherever they do business. We’ve united our shared DNA at the core and, together, we are turning the strength of our history into the power of our future.”

Addition Manufacturing Technologies offers a number of manufacturing solutions which include bending, end forming, measuring, silencer making, and parts and services support. Addition Manufacturing Technologies remains a leader in the tube forming industry as a result of the full suite of solutions being offered.

“Whichever brand our customers were formerly acquainted with, they will find the same experience and innovation with Addition Manufacturing Technologies through our various product lines that include equipment and tooling for tube bending, end forming, measuring and silencer making,” noted Rankin.

She went on to highlight Addition Manufacturing Technologies’ bending capacities and offerings: “Addition offers all-electric, hydraulic, and combination tube benders from 4mm to 220mm diameter which meets the levels of accuracy, repeatability, and ease of operation required by our customers across many industries,” she said.

Addition Manufacturing Technologies also offers the full gamut of bending machine tooling solutions for the same range of diameters. In this regard, Addition Manufacturing Technologies offers single-stack or multi-stack multi-radius bend dies, with single or complex compounds, as well as consumables.

On the end-forming side of things, Addition Manufacturing Technologies boasts a complete line of equipment and tooling that satisfies a variety of applications, from expanding and reducing to sizing, beading, flaring, doming, notching, parting, end trimming, and angle- and radius-cutting, most of which are also available with Hydra-GREEN™ technology. “End-forming machines built with the Hydra-GREEN™ option take advantage of hydraulic power without the constant noise, heat, and energy usage associated with traditional hydraulic power units,” Rankin explained. “We also offer special machine configurations for specific end-forming and cutoff applications as well as C-frame hydraulic presses.”

Addition Manufacturing Technologies also offers measuring solutions and non-contact laser probe machines for highly accurate tube, pipe and wire measurement and inspection. Similarly, the company provides custom-designed tube fixtures.

“For silencer making, Addition offers a complete range of highly cost-effective work cell and individual product solutions designed to bring the highest possible standards to the production of muffler and catalytic converter components,” described Rankin. “The Eagle brand muffler machines are suitable for manual loading and unloading or fully automated with robotic transfers. Whatever the size or shape of your muffler requirements, with machining capabilities for muffler shells up to 600mm diameter, Addition delivers,” she added.

The company maintains a dedicated team to support its customers in spare parts fulfillment and machine service to ensure their operations keep moving. Whether parts, retrofits, upgrades, refurbishment, repair and service, Addition Manufacturing Technologies has it covered. Customers can benefit from its scheduled preventative maintenance program and all around quality service.

The firm’s manufacturing solutions are provided for the automotive, aerospace, truck/heavy duty, ship building, U.S. Government, HVAC, power generation, furniture, and job shop markets, industries as diverse as Addition Manufacturing Technologies’ product offerings. Addition Manufacturing Technologies supports customers around the world from its manufacturing locations in Ohio and California in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico, France, the UK and China. In addition to its expansive geographic market reach, Addition Manufacturing Technologies has a robust physical geographic footprint as well, with facilities spanning over 200 000 square feet.

With more than 35 service engineers located in 12 different countries, and over 300 employees across its operations, Addition Manufacturing Technologies is equipped with the expertise, resources and capacity to meet all its customers’ manufacturing needs. “At Addition, we call it Additioneering – the ability to apply greater experience and insight to increase opportunities for our customers to make the most of their manufacturing processes. More than just making machines and tools, we address the entirety of the customer’s production system to optimize their results,” explained Rankin.

“Our global vision and scale also sets us apart. With seven manufacturing locations around the world, and many qualified technical service specialists who work remotely, we do business where you do business and can provide sales and service support quickly and efficiently,” she added. “Additionally, this global scale and our manufacturing capabilities make us a total solutions provider.”

The company provides more than just equipment; its solutions include any associated tooling, application and field service support. Addition Manufacturing Technologies continues to identify opportunities for improvement and new ways to leverage its capacities, resources and expertise to continue to innovate its offerings, driving value and productivity for its customers. “Always seeking to do things better, we build on our experience and we apply the ingenuity and creativity of our people to continually advance product and process innovation,” Rankin explained. Through this process of continuous improvement, customers receive the benefit of safer, more efficient and more sustainable equipment and solutions.

“As an industrial business with manufacturing locations around the world, we are able to mobilize and coordinate resources for maximum efficiency and impact,” said Rankin. People are the core resource dedicated to the achievement of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement at Addition Manufacturing Technologies. “With many qualified and experienced sales and technical service specialists who work from these manufacturing locations and remotely, we are able to provide sales and application support, machine spare parts, service training, and preventative maintenance quickly and efficiently,” said Rankin. The firm invests heavily in its people and its operations to achieve this.

As well, the company utilizes remote diagnostics when possible to resolve issues off-site, while simultaneously reducing its customers’ downtime and thus saving its customers’ costs and improving their productivity and output. As Rankin emphasized, “Addition employees are our most valuable asset and the key to our success.”

Indeed, the company’s employees “speak many languages, practice many trades and disciplines, and serve many industries; but we do it together at Addition,” concluded Rankin. “We encompass a world of diversity in skills, perspectives, and cultures – and offer our people a world of opportunity with a business that stretches the globe,” the same courtesy extended to its customers.

By leveraging the expertise and unique skill set that each employee brings to the table, just as it does its three legacy companies’ experience and longevity in the industry, Addition Manufacturing Technologies continues to expand and diversify its manufacturing capabilities and thus, its market share and its geographic reach, to remain an industry leader and to better service its clients worldwide.



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